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How to Maintain a Good Credit Score You may not give a lot of thought to your credit score. Many people don't. But it can have a significant impact on your overall financial life, both positive and negative. If you have a good credit score, you can expect to receive better... more >

Improve Your Financial Literacy You may have heard the term "financial literacy" in the news lately. April of 2013 was designated as Financial Literacy month by the U.S. Congress in hopes of spotlighting the sad state of affairs that most American consumers find themse... more >

Take Control of Your Grocery Bill You probably don't need an economist to tell you that consumer prices are continuing to rise. We are all paying more at the pump as well as at the supermarket and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. The days of a dollar loaf of bre... more >

Be Careful with Payday Loans If you are experiencing financial problems it may be tempting to get some quick cash using some type of payday loan. These loans go by many different names- payday loans, cash advance loans, payday advance loans. But no matter what they ... more >

The Warning Signs of Financial Trouble Almost anyone can get into financial trouble. Typically, it doesn't happen because of one huge event and it generally occurs over time. The idea that you wake up one day and discover that financially you are in way over your head is pret... more >

Know the Signs of Credit Card Abuses Credit card debt is a huge problem in this country. The latest figures released (in 2012) show that Americans owe a whopping $852 billion in credit card debt. While new financial rules have been established which make credi... more >

Multiple Loans Can Be Risky Many people today are struggling with debt. The recession that has gripped the country for the past five years has brought with it high unemployment, stagnant wages, and millions of foreclosures. American consumers are now realizing the ... more >

The Benefits of Car Title Loans Car title loans have grown in popularity over the past few years mainly due to the tough economic conditions which many Americans still face. Traditional lending institutions, such as banks and credit unions, tightened their lending requ... more >

Understand Your Personal Debt If you are experiencing financial problems, the worry and stress that come with dealing with these issues can be overwhelming. The first step you need to take is to organize your finances. This means fully understanding exactly how much ... more >

Simple Ways to Cut Your Budget and Start Saving If you have never been a saver, putting away money for unexpected events such as a job loss or major medical situation may seem like an impossible task. But the cold hard facts are that getting out of debt and achieving financial indepe... more >

1 Hour Cash Advance Most people in America live from paycheck to paycheck with little disposable income to cover last minute expenses. Luckily cash advances on their next paycheck can allow people to avoid being late on payments or defaulting on a financia... more >

Cash Advance - Application Process Getting a cash advance can be an easy, convenient process. The majority of people who need a cash advance are certainly able to get them. There are just a few simple things to know to keep the process as streamlined and efficient as po... more >

Bad Credit Cash Advance A bad credit cash advance is similar to any other cash advance. In other words, a cash advance of any type is a short term loan that is basically an advance on your next paycheck. Without a doubt, there is a small fee attached to any c... more >

7 Cash Advance Tips A cash advance is not difficult to obtain, but you have to give the cash advance lender a pay stub from your place of employment, as well as giving them a post dated check that is issued by you. The past dated check can be dated a month... more >

5 Ways to Increase Approval for a Cash Advance A cash advance is an often preferred way for a borrower to get emergency funds between paychecks. These types of loans are a fast and convenient method to pay an unexpected bill or meet a sudden expense. Unfortunately, not all cash adv... more >

Guidelines For Cash Advance Purpose The purpose of this guide is to provide the customer cash advance information, as well as supplement a previous program guide. Safety and soundness are described in detail as well as various compliance laws. Factors c... more >

Cash Advance - Good & Bad A cash advance is a type of short term consumer loan that is made based on it getting repaid from your next paycheck. Most of us have experienced a sudden financial setback at one point or another so it would be a good idea to be famili... more >

No Fax Cash Advance A no fax cash advance is a great way to sidestep the trouble of searching for a fax machine to make your application for a cash advance. The whole procedure can now be completed online, which is not only faster, it is also much simpler.... more >

No Credit Check Cash Advance Just about everyone has experienced the embarrassment of running out of cash with bills still outstanding and payday still several days away. It can get even worse when you are denied a regular cash advance to tide you over to payday. ... more >

Never Miss A Cash Advance Payment! There are many reasons why we take the option for obtaining a cash advance, such as unexpected bills or expenses, home repairs, school expenses, or other personal matters. While there are many reasons to obtain a cash advance the type o... more >

Make a Cash Advance Work for You Cash advances are also referred to as fast cash loans and payday advances. This is because the repayment of these cash advances is usually centered around the borrower's payday. Cash advances are, in effect, unsecured loans with intere... more >

Paperless Cash Advance If you are looking for upfront cash against your next paycheck, and you can get to the internet, you are half way to a paperless cash advance when you access information at There are hardly any requirements to obtain y... more >

Military Cash Advance You may discover that many lenders will offer special military cash advances for personnel of the military. There are also some cash advance lenders that will offer specialized services to personnel of the armed forces. Traditional cas... more >

Low Fee Cash Advance A benefit of a low fee cash advance loan is the low finance charge. Your fees would be much higher for an average cash advance. There are some cash advance lenders that charge finance fees that range as high as 782.14%. Some lenders h... more >

Instant Cash Advance When you are in need of some quick cash and your payday is far off, an instant cash advance can be just the thing you need. An instant cash advance can be done over the Internet, and all your information will be processed quickly. You ... more >

Getting A Cash Advance Is Easy At some time or another, almost everyone experiences times when money is tight and payday is still a week or more away. When this happens, many people turn to the solution of obtaining a cash advance as an answer to their money problems... more >

Get an Internet Cash Advance Today There were only two hundred U.S. cash advance locations in the early 1990s. Today, the industry has increased to over 12,000 cash advance companies in the nation. This increase of cash advance companies is partly due to the Internet. ... more >

Budget and Save Cash with Bad Credit It really doesn't matter if you have bad credit when you apply for a cash advance because most companies that provide cash advances don't run a credit check or even consider the past credit history of the borrower. Cash advances were de... more >

Say No To Cash Advances These days it can be simple and straightforward to obtain a cash advance loan fast, and applying for a loan has been made easy for most applicants to deal with, but many don't realize that it may not always be the right type of loan for ... more >

Same Day Cash Advance People often wonder whether it is really possible to get a cash advance on the same day that they fill out the application. When you consider that a day consists of 24 hours and then you have to wait 24 hours before a deposit is made in... more >

Online Cash Advance Loans A cash advance online loan works in a similar fashion as a cash advance obtained from a land based establishment. The difference is you never have to leave your home in order to get a cash advance. All you have to do is apply over the ... more >

Cash Advance Industry and Regulations Many working Americans turn to a cash advance company to meet their financial obligations when money is tight. We are a cash advance company that can provide you access to the funds you need quickly. Obtaining a cash advance is an optio... more >

Cash Advance Facts How Cash Advances Work Cash advance loans, offer borrowers the opportunity to obtain quick cash without putting down collateral or even going through an in-depth credit approval process. Typically, a borrower exchanges a pers... more >

30 Day Cash Advance Even though most cash advances available allow you to repay the loan in 14 days, the 30 day cash advance is good for a situation if you are only paid once a month. You should be aware that there will be higher fees, as the amount of tim... more >

24 Hour Cash Advance When you obtain a 24 hour cash advance, you can receive a loan that is an advance on the next paycheck you receive. You will pay a fee for a cash advance, having assurances that you will get the money in a quick manner from 24 hour cash... more >

Cash Advances Help With Temporary Cash Flow Problems There are many states in the U.S. where it is not permitted to receive cash advances. This is due to the high interest rates charged on the cash advances. However, these cash advances are still popular with people, as they are simple t... more >

FTC Says Cash Advances Are Costly Cash Advance = Costly Cash "I just need enough cash to tide me over until payday." "GET CASH UNTIL PAYDAY!...$100 OR MORE...FAST." We have all seen the ads. They are everywhere on television, on the Internet, even in our ma... more >