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For almost ten years, Allied Cash ( has been helping hardworking people find solutions to their short-term cash problems. Now more than ever people need a quick, convenient way to bridge their day-to-day cash shortfalls. Gas prices, health care, and the everyday expenses of caring for a family continue to rise at an increasingly sharp rate. People who miss just one credit card payment, or even make their payments a few days late, may find the interest rates they pay on their charge cards will go up by several percentage points. Be just one day late with a utility payment or paying a cell phone bill, and most companies tack on a late fee of several dollars or more. The caring folks at Allied Cash understand that in today's world even careful planners can face unexpected bills. They know children have to go to the doctor when they're sick, that medicine has to be bought, that gas, food, rent, and utility bills have to be paid. A short-term loan from Allied Cash gives people an alternative to going without necessities, paying bills late, missing a payment or, worst of all, writing a bad check.

A lot of well-meaning people try to avoid increased interest rates, service charges, and late fees by writing a check they may have trouble covering. Making a payment with a check that could bounce is the worst way to handle emergencies or month end bills. Bounced checks can cost hundreds of dollars by the time fees are paid on both ends. Many banks and companies report bad checks to credit agencies. They can also result in civil and even criminal charges.

Talk to an Allied Cash customer service representative before picking up that pen to write a check you may not have the funds to cover. The fees charged for a cash advance from Allied Cash will be less than a bank's overdraft charges. You won't have to lose sleep worrying about whether your check will clear. You won't be embarrassed when the bank calls to say your account is overdrawn. Allied Cash will even work with you if you're still short of money when it comes time to repay your cash advance.

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Nearly a decade ago, Allied Cash opened its first store in northern California. From that day forward, the company philosophy has been founded on compassionate, respectful service to people who may find it difficult to access emergency cash. As a member of Community Financial Services of America (CFSA), Allied Cash puts integrity and community service high on the list of company priorities. They're not a fly by night, profit above everything else institution. With over 250 branches in 12 states, Allied Cash is devoted to helping people get over the hump when it comes to paying their bills on time and dealing with medical and other emergencies. As part of their commitment to their core customers, the company continually works to enhance and expand the services it offers.

Allied Cash knows establishing credit or repairing damaged credit can be difficult for those who may be denied access to credit cards and bank loans. Many times, the only monthly payments these people make are to landlords and utility companies. Payments like these are rarely reported to credit agencies, so the good payment records go unrecognized. To ensure that their customers get rewarded for their good payment histories, Allied Cash has joined forces with Paying Bills Repairs Credit (PBRC). Join PBRC and your good payment record will help you build or rebuild your credit history.

Getting a bank account can also be difficult for people who have no, little, or damaged credit. Allied Cash has addressed this need, too. The staff at any Allied Cash store will be happy to help you apply for a prepaid debit card. A prepaid debit card means you can have your paycheck deposited directly to your account. No more high check cashing fees, lost checks, or carrying around unsafe amounts of money. It only takes a few minutes to load your card, and in about a week, you'll have your permanent card in hand. You can shop online, use your card at stores and restaurants, or pay bills with it.

Allied Cash puts you in charge. Don't get stuck with high interest rates, late fees, and service charges. Don't write a bad check and lose sleep over whether or not you'll beat it to the bank. Contacting Allied Cash is easy. Visit their website (, or give them a call (1-877-996-CASH) to find a store near you. You can also contact Allied Cash via e-mail at [email protected], or drop them a line at Allied Cash Advance, Attn: Customer Service, 200 SE 1st Street, Suite 800 Miami, FL 33131. Let Allied Cash help you take control of your life today.