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Prior to 1999, New Hampshire had very restrictive lending laws that limited access to cash advance loans. Since repealing those strict laws, the cash advance loan industry has become widespread in the state with approximately 77 cash advance companies currently operating in New Hampshire placing the state 32nd on the list of states with the most New Hampshire lenders. saves you the time and headaches of traveling from lender to lender trying to find the best deal.

The unemployment rate in New Hampshire has varied between 2.2% up to 4.7% over the past ten years. Recent years have seen lower unemployment in the state with a .3% decrease in January 2006 compared to the year before. The fact that most people are gainfully employed contributes to the proliferation of New Hampshire lending companies and makes it harder to distinguish the unscrupulous companies from the ethical lenders.

New Hampshire has few laws to restrict cash advance lending currently. Although the maximum New Hampshire amount for one loan is $500, there is no minimum loan amount. Terms vary from one week to a month, similar to most states. One thing borrowers should keep in mind is that New Hampshire has put no limit on the amount that lenders can charge for a cash advance loan. offers clients fair rates on its New Hampshire loans.

Here at we have a wide range of loans available to suit the needs of each individual. AdvanceCash has an easy-to-understand application process that is simple and fast to complete. Since the cash is in your bank account the next day, AdvanceCash enables you to get the cash you need when you need it.

A cash advance loan is paid back with a future paycheck making it a convenient way to borrow money for short term needs. Unfortunately, life throws an occasional curve ball and emergencies come up. Sometimes you may just need fast cash to finish up a home improvement project that runs over budget. New Hampshire residents have the opportunity to get a cash advance for dealing with unexpected circumstances and other pressing financial needs.

Many residents of New Hampshire are unaware of the New Hampshire Small Loan Act which is the legal framework that lenders must comply with while operating a cash advance company in that state. Each business must submit a written application before obtaining a license to operate as a cash advance lender. This application must include the specific location of the business, as well as the names and addresses of all parties to the business or having a financial interest in such business. Once approval has been granted, the lender will have an annual license renewal fee of $450 to continue operating.

While the law does not allow a cash advance loan to be extended or refinanced under the original contract, it is perfectly legal to take a new loan in order to pay off a previous loan. A new contract will be drawn up and is considered a completely new and separate loan. The law does not set a standard on fees that can be charged for cash advance services so you must be sure you are dealing with a reputable company like which offers fair rates for New Hampshire's cash advance needs.

The laws do not place any restriction on your reasons for obtaining a cash advance loan. You can get cash advance for sudden repairs, such as a leaky roof or broken washing machine. You can also get a fast cash loan because your car broke down, a surprise bill came in, your computer crashed or even because you just want to go away for the weekend. Whatever the reason you need it, AdvanceCash can help you get the money you need.

New Hampshire's laws governing cash advance lending prohibits companies from misleading advertising regarding loan terms, rates or fees. A violation of this law can result in the company being fined or even having its license terminated. If you have been deceived by misleading promotions of an unethical cash advance service, contact the Bank Commissioner to file a complaint in writing. He will then investigate the allegation by having both parties respond to the complaint. Unfortunately, not all cash advance companies operate with the integrity that AdvanceCash prides itself on having.

AdvanceCash is a company that is committed to providing you with fast and reliable assistance with obtaining a cash advance in New Hampshire. We will help you get approved quickly and easily. The application process is simple to do and quick to complete. Our loan approvals take only a few minutes when you use our convenient website,, and you can have your money in your bank account by the next day. How is that for fast and easy?

You will find obtaining a New Hampshire cash advance is a convenient, no-hassle way to get the cash you need quickly when you rely on for your short term lending needs. AdvanceCash will provide a level of service that is unmatched by any other New Hampshire cash advance service. When you complete your cash advance application on our website, you can rest assured that your information is secure and protected. Our client's personal information is always treated with the utmost confidentiality - guaranteed.

When life deals you an unexpected hand and you need money fast, come to right away. In just a few, short minutes you will have completed the application and received an answer. You will gain peace of mind, knowing that your money will be in your bank account the next day, ready for whatever life throws at you. is meeting New Hampshire cash advance needs for all New Hampshire residents.

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