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Mississippi Cash Advance

A Mississippi cash advance is legal in the state and can be easily obtained by finding a lender near you. No matter where you look, you'll find a lender who can give you the money you need and discuss business with you. However, you may find it more convenient to fill out an online application for a cash advance, and receive your money in your account within an hour or so. Since you are already reading this, why not take the time to consider a loan with us?

Cash Advance Lending Laws In Mississippi

A cash advance company can legally operate in the state of Mississippi; however, there is a cap to what interest rates can be set. This is set by a state legislation.

The APR in the state of Mississippi is 572% for fourteen days, and this is higher than that of APR in other states where cash advance companies are legally run. What this means is that a cash advance lender can offer their services with a 22% interest rate, meaning that $22 must be paid as an interest rate for every $100 that is borrowed. There is no minimum to the amount of money that the borrower can take out, but there is a limit of $400 per check. Mississippi cash advance companies may also charge up to 18% of an interest rate for each check that is issued.

In the state of Mississippi there are more than 1,100 cash advance company operations. As the business grows, so does the amount of lenders available within the state.

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There is legislation in the state of Mississippi that protects customers of cash advance stores against the proprietors of the company. The location of a cash advance company is enforced. For example, a Mississippi cash advance store may not be located near a pawnshop, title pledge office, or a small loans company. In addition, each store that is owned and operated in the state of Mississippi mist have a United States Postal address, which in turn must comply with the zoning laws of the city where it is located. It must also contain at least 100 square feet of space.

The agreement forms for the operators of a cash advance company are also strictly regulated in Mississippi. "Interest" is a term that actually has to be written as a "service fee" when talked about on the form. According to Mississippi's cash advance law, the date the transaction actually occurred must also be listed on the agreement.

Another regulated issue in Mississippi is identification. You must have identification to get a cash advance in this state, and a company must advertise that fact. Also, a lender is not permitted to cash a check that is payable to a borrower unless that person can provide all the proper identification that is needed to get a loan.

Those who borrow money in Mississippi are also subject to regulations. A borrower can be reported to the Department and the District Attorney for whatever jurisdiction they are in if they commit fraud or any other criminal act against the cash advance lender. However, if it is only a matter of late payments or insufficient funds, criminal action cannot take place.

The terms for a cash advance loan in the state of Mississippi are regulated, as well. If you are a borrower, you will have the option of deferring a loan up to 30 days, but with an additional cost. If the 31st day comes, the borrower might have a fee that is applied to the total of the loan; however - this must be decided by a hearing through a court. Coupons may also be given to customers of Mississippi cash advance companies to be used in later transactions, but these coupons must be financially beneficial to be given out. There is a limit of $400 that is set on cash advances in Mississippi, and this is lower comparatively. The most that a cash advance service can charge on the face value of the check it gives out is 18%. Although this is high, cash advance providers cannot charge fees over this amount.

Mississippi Statistics For Unemployment

Within the past 10 years, Mississippi's unemployment rate was between 4.4 and 9.4 percent. In January of 2005, that rate was 7.8, and then it soared to 9.1 in January of 2006. In January of 2006, about 120,051 people were unemployed within the state.

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