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Nevada Cash Advance

One of the few states where cash advance is legal is Nevada. However, the state does not regulate interest rates that lenders can charge. The positive thing for borrowers is the fact that there is not a maximum term for cash advances, and you have the ability to take out several at one time through various lenders. Another positive aspect is that if you are a borrower, is available to give you service that is both fast and easy. Simply fill out an application from, and you can have cash in as little as one hour. There are no questions and there is no hassle, as you can get a Nevada cash advance you need when you really need it.

Nevada Cash Advance Lending Laws

Even though cash advances are legal in the state of Nevada, lenders cannot give loans that are in excess of 1/3rd of the paycheck of the borrower. However, there are no state laws that regulate the amount of interest that cash advance lenders can charge their customers. There is also not a maximum or minimum term for the Nevada cash advance. Borrowers have the ability to take out cash advances through different lenders. Since there is no database for Nevada, the lenders cannot check to find out how much you have out in cash advances from other lenders. In addition, in Nevada, there is no cooling off period that is required between cash advances, and a borrower can take out a new cash advance right away. In terms of payday lenders nationally, Nevada ranks 25th with 128 payday lending centers.

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In Nevada there are no business restrictions, in terms of cash advances. This fact makes Nevada only the 2nd state in the U.S. that does this; Utah is the other. What this means is there is virtually no limit to the fee amount and interest rates that cash advance lenders can charge in the state of Nevada. Paying an average annual interest rate of anywhere between 100% and 300% is possible. The reason for these high rates is that they are needed because of the high risk that is involved with cash advances in Nevada, according to the Nevada Independent Check Cashing Association lobbyist.

Even though there are no restrictions placed on the cash advance lenders, in terms of transaction fees charged, there is a limit on the amount of money that can be borrowed by a consumer in a single transaction, as well as on how many times a cash advance can be rolled over. Under Nevada state law, the amount of money that someone can borrow is 1/3rd of his or her monthly income. A consumer, under Nevada state law, can roll over or refinance a loan 4 times.

In Nevada, it is not advantageous for a person to default on a loan. The charge for a loan default is significant, which will then result in the interest increasing to the prime rate, with an additional 10% tacked on. However, there is protection for customers that can't pay or will not repay the loan, as cash advance lenders cannot harass the individual to make them pay back the money. Things that are deemed as harassment methods include publicly posting bounced checks, which was a common practice in the past with check cashing businesses.

Nevada Unemployment Statistics

The average unemployment rate for Nevada has varied over the past decade between 3.6% and 6.1%. Around 50,711 individuals in Nevada were unemployed in January of 2006, which was 4.1% of the state's population. This figure was less than a year earlier in January of 2005, when 4.7% of the population of Nevada was unemployed.

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