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The cash advance loan business in Illinois is changing, and for the better. In the past decade, a number of new laws have been put on the books to help protect Illinois check cashing loan borrowers. Despite these new regulations, the industry is thriving. The business has been growing steadily over the past few years, regardless of the increased regulations. If you desire an Illinois cash advance in the most efficient way possible, the first step is filling out our easy-to-use, secure online application.

Laws In Illinois Regarding Cash Advances

Cash advance lending, despite recent legal restrictions placed upon the industry, remains legal in the state of Illinois. As a means to deter the less honorable money-lending institutions from defrauding their customers, Governor Rod Blagojevich declared his backing of the new cash advance legislation to regulate the Illinois cash advance industry. A few of these laws are:

  • Lenders are not allowed to charge more than $15.50 in interest for each $100 loaned.

  • Cash advance borrowers are not permitted to borrow more than one loan at a time

  • Borrowers must repay the loan within 45 days. At the conclusion of the 45-day period, a one-week rest period is imposed upon the borrower. During this rest period, no further loans can be sought.

  • Military personnel are offered additional protections. Wage garnishment and contact with the Commanding Officer of the borrower is forbidden. In addition, the collection period for the loan is extended while the borrower is deployed. This was enacted after it was found that lenders were targeting military families.

In the past, there were no laws restricting the maximum chargeable interest, and the industry was growing rapidly. While the new laws are expected to slow growth considerably, the cash advance lending industry is still expected to grow reasonably well.

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As of this moment, Illinois has no law on the books governing the cash advance industry. Earlier, in 1999, two laws were introduced for debate in the statehouse, designed to limit the scope of cash advance lending practices. These bills, proposed by Senator Patrick O'Malley, were called SB 1275. These stated that Illinois cash advance businesses would be required to inform their customers of their loan rates and that their borrowers would be allowed to make installment payments on their loans. This same bill was designed to limit the locations where more "vulnerable" clientele is located. These locations were places such as schools, college campuses, casinos, or racetracks. These bills died before they could come to pass because of extensive lobbying by the cash advance industry.

There are thirteen states that have no laws designed to regulate the cash advance business. Illinois is one of the thirteen. In all other states, and two U.S. territories, there is a maximum limit placed upon the amount of interest that lenders can charge for their services. In eleven states, there are laws in place that prevent lenders from rolling loans over past their due date.

Illinois charges an APR of 521% for cash advances, and customers can refinance or rollover as many times as they like. Lenders may grant extensions as many times as they like, as well.

The Unemployment Statistics Of Illinois Are As Follows:

  • As of January 2006, the unemployment rate was 5.8 percent.

  • Just one year earlier, the rate was 6.4 percent.

  • The highest unemployment rate in the last 10 years was 7 percent.

  • As of January 2006, approximately 371,593 people were unemployed within Illinois.

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