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Sometimes, we all need just a little extra money to get us through until payday. provides a service that allows clients to get the money they need quickly, efficiently, and with very little hassle. Our loan direct deposit feature allows funds to be directly deposited into your bank account the day after your application is processed.

Hawaii Laws Pertaining To Cash Advance Lending

Hawaii residents are allowed to obtain Hawaii cash advance loans legally, and with a minimum of hassle. The state regulates the cash advance industry, and the following rules apply:

  • A cash advance may be taken out over a maximum period of thirty-two days. There is no minimum term for a cash advance.

  • The maximum amount for which a cash advance may be made is $600, with no minimum amount set for a cash advance.

  • The lender of a cash advance may apply fifteen percent of the check as the maximum fee charged.

  • A cost of $17.65 may be charged per $100.

  • For a cash advance, 459% is the effective fourteen-day Annual Percentage Rate.

The exact number of cash advance lenders in Hawaii is difficult to determine because of the rapid growth of the Hawaii cash advance industry. Payday Hawaii, one of the leaders in Hawaii cash advances, currently has twelve offices in the islands.

Are you having trouble focusing on your lovely surroundings because you're unable to make ends meet between paydays? Many factors affect your ability to pay your bills, including emergencies and illness. Sometimes, a bill just slips through the cracks, and you have to have money immediately, or risk a utility being shut off. Residents of Hawaii, as well as the other 49 states, sometimes find themselves in a short-term financial bind. Mounting bills, ever-increasing interest rates, and late fees can only serve to compound the problem. Allow us to help you avoid late fees and over-limit fees by providing you the cash you need, when you need it. The money you borrow may be just enough to cover what you need, or you may take out a little extra to have a little "walking-around money". We don't ask why you need it; we simply provide it to you. As a cash advance business that is here to help you, we can directly deposit the funds in your account after you are instantly approved. You can get approved by completing our online application.

Hawaii cash advances work like this: You apply online for a cash advance, and you get instant approval. We pay the money directly to your bank account, and you pay us back when you get your paycheck. You can use the money we provide for literally anything. We don't ask questions, and we don't pry. Our application process is the simplest around. Apply, get approved, and get paid. It's just that easy. We provide secure online transaction handling, and your information is protected. Get the money you need, fast, with, and you can get back to living the way you were meant to; worry free.

The state of Hawaii regulates cash advance lenders. Under the laws of the state, lenders are forced to provide their customers with a copy of the contract. This paperwork states the fees and charges, transaction costs, and the annual percentage rate that the company charges for its services. No mention of collateral for cash advances is allowed in the transaction agreement, and the transaction itself is forbidden to be issued for collateral.

The restrictions placed upon Hawaii cash advance businesses dictate the terms of the agreement. The maximum allowed term for a cash advance is 31 days. The lender can issue each customer a loan maximum of $300 in any one transaction. The fees that a lender charges are limited to 15 percent of the loan amount. This is keeping in line with Chapter 478 of state laws. Any lender charging more than this amount is in violation of state law.

No new agreement can be started if a borrower has an outstanding cash advance with a lender. Only one loan at a time can be obtained from any single lender. Any existing loans must be repaid before a new agreement can be struck. This precludes a lender from providing a loan to a borrower in order to cover that borrower's previous loan with the same lender.

Unlike many states, Hawaii does not allow a cash advance lender to sue a borrower for failure to repay the loan. The lender has knowingly exchanged cash for a bad check, and has no recourse. However, a lender can charge a borrower a $20 fee should their check bounce. While this is meant to protect the borrower from harassment by the lender, it should be noted that the cash advance lender does have other means to attempt to collect the debt.

Unemployment Statistics For Hawaii

As of January 2006, Hawaii had an unemployment rate of 2.2 percent. This represents the lowest rate seen in 10 years. In the past year, unemployment rates have dropped by .4 percent, a significant 1-year drop. Since levels peaked in June of 1998, rates have steadily fallen. Unemployment levels in June of 1998 were 6.5 percent. These numbers represent a total unemployed population of approximately 230,195 people in the islands.

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