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When it comes to cash advances used in the US, Maine is the end of the line. The state places a large number of laws and regulations on lenders offering cash advances, meaning that there are only a handful of companies and payday centers in Maine. The state is in the middle of making a big decision on whether or not they should let companies come in and offer cash advances to their residents. Regardless of the decision they make, you can still use the services we provide here at to find solutions to the money problems you have now. offers you easy and convenient access to the money you need now to last you until your next payday.

Cash Advance Lending Laws For Maine

In the fall of 2005, experts began pushing Maine to change the way the laws worked in regards to cash advances. The main push was a change in the way interest rates and fees were charged on loans in regards to $100 amounts. Previously, borrowers saw fees of $15 for every $250 they borrowed from a lender and an additional $25 on amounts over $250. Lending companies hoped to increase this amount to $17.50 in rates and fees for every $100 an individual borrowed. The same companies wanted to advertise more and have the ability to collect on a loan even if the borrower defaulted, all of which required major changes to the state laws.

Maine has fewer cash advance companies and centers than any other state in the country that allows such businesses to operate. In the fall of 2005, there were only six companies of this type operating in the state of Maine.

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Maine cash advances are here to help you solve the financial problems you have now when you can't otherwise find a solution. These short-term loans are meant to help you with your current needs by taking out an advance on your next paycheck. Once you receive that next check, you pay back the loan.

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There are no laws in Maine to regulate the cash advance industry, which makes it one of the few unique states in this regard. At the end of January in 2000 though, the state did impose regulations on cash dispensing machines that allowed customers to get a cash advance. Lenders must clearly state the fees associated with such a loan in a way that customers can understand, or they cannot charge fees with the machines.

These Maine cash advance machines are also subject to other rules and regulations. They must give a receipt to the customer stating the fees that are charged and the amount of the loan. The receipt should also include the date and time of the loan and the amount taken from the account. There should also be a numerical code that denotes the location, account number, and customer.

A cash advance machine is owned by an individual company and not a bank or financial institution, which means the owner's name must be listed on the machine as well as information relating to the company. The machine must also include contact information including name, address, and a toll free phone number in case the customer has a complaint or problem. In addition, the machine will have a note that the owner charges a fee to use the machine for a Maine cash advance.

Unemployment Statistics In Maine

The state of Maine had an unemployment rate of 5.3% in January of 2006. At that time, over 37,000 people in the state did not have a job. In previous years, the unemployment rate stood at 5.5%, which indicated a small decrease. In the last decade, the state of Maine has seen its unemployment rate rise and fall between 2.5% and 6.7%.

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