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Massachusetts Cash Advance

Cash advances are not legalized in the state of Massachusetts. However, at, our lenders have discovered legislative loopholes that will allow you to get a Massachusetts cash advance legally. Even better, you can have the cash deposited into your bank account in as little as one hour.

Cash Advance Lending Laws in Massachusetts

The states of Georgia, Maryland, and Massachusetts are the only states in America that prohibit the practice of cash advances. These states also prohibit the cooperation between local banks and out of state cash advance companies to provide the residents of Massachusetts with Massachusetts cash advances.

There are a few preventative measures that a state can take to prevent, or limit, the industry of cash advances in the state. These measures include interest rate caps for small loans, usury laws, or specific prohibitions on the cashing of checks as being the most common methods. The method of using usury laws is used in Massachusetts.

The other struggle that Massachusetts is facing is the challenge of residents of Massachusetts obtaining Massachusetts cash advances from lenders online. Even though it is illegal for cash advance providers that are from outside the state to offer residents of Massachusetts cash advances, there are some companies that are still trying to do it. These companies are currently under investigation for violating Massachusetts legislation.

Because the prohibition of cash advances in Massachusetts is so severe, there are not any cash advance lenders in Massachusetts.

Are you a resident of Massachusetts that is finding yourself in a financial bind? Are you looking for a way to resolve your financial obligations? Alternatively, do you live in any of the other 49 states and are in a situation where you need cash immediately?

The professional cash advance services that we provide will ensure that regardless of the laws in Massachusetts, you can get your hands on the money that you need today. Maybe you have an emergency repair bill, a car problem, credit card debt, utilities bills, or any other unforeseen emergencies. Regardless of the emergency, you need cash now. These unforeseen events can quickly snowball into real financial burdens, and our services work to remedy those financial burdens with fast and efficient cash advance services. Residents of Massachusetts can rely on Massachusetts cash advances. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get approved when you use to begin the process of your Massachusetts cash advance.

Your Massachusetts cash advance is a short-term loan that you will repay with your next paycheck. Sometimes those stretches in between paychecks can seem pretty long, and we know that life can get complicated in that timeframe. We will help you address your financial problems immediately with a Massachusetts cash advance. Get the money that you need today to deal with your debts and to ease your financial burdens. Do this with a Massachusetts cash advance, and do not worry about paying us back until you have the money. We have helped many Massachusetts residents just like you, and we offer these superlative services through each of the 50 States.

With a Massachusetts cash advance, you will avoid late fees on your utilities, avoid accumulated interest on your credit card, bypass overdraft fees, and be able to pay for emergency repairs that crop up at the worst possible times.

Our company is dedicated to ensuring that you get a Massachusetts cash advance easily, and quickly. We also offer you a guarantee of secure services. Rests assured and sleep better at night knowing that your privacy is our top priority. Every financial request that you make to us remains completely confidential, and our services come with a security guarantee. Visit us today to see how easy it is to use our Massachusetts cash advance services. Within a few minutes of your first visit to, you will be instantly approved and well on your way to getting a Massachusetts cash advance. Apply now to see how a Massachusetts cash advance can assist you with life's little hiccups.

Massachusetts has different laws regarding cash advance lending than other states do. In other states, a maximum amount that customers can borrow at any one time is set or capped for the cash advance customer. In Massachusetts, the maximum amount of a Massachusetts cash advance is capped at one-third of the net monthly income.

Massachusetts does have legislation governing how much a cash advance company can charge in fees. The fees for a Massachusetts cash advance can not exceed 15% of the amount of the loan. In addition, the fee structure for cash advance loans must be posted in a visible location at the site of each operation. This legislation further stipulates that a written agreement must be in place between the service provider of the Massachusetts cash advance and their customer. This written agreement must contain all conditions for the transaction, including full disclosure on the amount of fees that are charged. The written agreement must also notify borrowers that cash advances are only provided for short-term needs, and that obtaining more than one cash advance at a time is not a good habit because it can lead to financial difficulties. This notice must also notify the borrower that the Division of Financial Regulation does regulate the interest rates charged on the loans even though the loans are at a high interest rate.

Borrowers of a Massachusetts cash advance to have rights as well. Borrowers have the right to get information about these rights from the written agreement. The agreement must advise the borrower that Massachusetts state laws prohibit lenders from setting loan terms for longer than a two week period. The agreement must also stipulate that the total amount of fees charged for the Massachusetts cash advance can not exceed 15% of the face value of the loan. Further, borrowers must be advised that they can pay the loan off at any time prior to the due date without incurring penalty charges. Borrowers should also be notified that if they default on the cash advance, they will incur a fee of $25, and no more, for a recovery charge for a check that is returned.

Massachusetts legislation also stipulates that a written agreement must exist between the lender and the borrower, such that the agreement contains all necessary information. The information that must be on this agreement is the name of the cash advance lender, the amount of the loan, and the date that the transaction takes place. As stated, the term of the loan can not be any later than fourteen days, or two weeks from the date of the transaction.

Unemployment Statistics for Massachusetts

In January 2006, Massachusetts was operating with an unemployment rate of 5.3%. In numbers, that means that 176,908 Massachusetts residents were not working in 2006. A year earlier, the unemployment rate in Massachusetts %0.2 lower. In fact, the rate of unemployment in Massachusetts has fluctuated between 2.2% and 6.3% in the last ten years.

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