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As is the standard in other states, Kentucky is presently attempting to eliminate cash advance companies in the state. The cash advance industry is booming because of the number of residents needing the services. There are ways to get a quick and simple Kentucky cash advance if you're having problems making it to your next payday. Here at, you can get one of these loans with minimal work. Filling out the application is the first and only step; you can see the money arrive in your bank account in just a few hours and even faster in some cases. Take a few minutes to fill out the loan application and see just how easy it is.

Laws In Kentucky Regarding Cash Advance Lending

Kentucky law governs cash advance loans as perfectly legal; however, they do impose some rules and regulations. Residents are allowed to borrow up to $500 for a duration of seven to thirty days. The interest rate varies, but is generally around 15%. That means that when you borrow $100, you actually need to pay back $115. This applies to the entire loan amount, so if you borrow $300, you will need to pay back the original amount plus $45 in interest rates for a total amount of $345.

An old survey found that Kentucky had 707 cash advance companies and businesses operating in the state. Considering the growth rate of the industry throughout the state, this number has obviously grown since the survey.

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We value our customers and their privacy, which is why our system and our loans are completely confidential. Rest assured that when you apply for a loan at, your privacy is protected.

It is complicated to make cash advances in Kentucky because of the laws the state imposes. These laws were meant to protect the citizens of the state from unscrupulous lenders. Kentucky law even makes it hard to start a series of cash checking stores, far more than any other state. Chains are allowed; however, they cannot operate under one business license. Instead, each business within that state must apply for and receive its own license.

The types of fees that are allowed by these lenders are also carefully regulated by the state laws of Kentucky. Before the loan can take place, the customer must be fully aware of the fees and be given those fees in writing. Any contract fees must be stated as fees and not considered part of the interest rates. There are also limits imposed by the state on how a company can advertise their services. They cannot advertise their services without needing proper identification.

There are limits imposed on the amount of loan an individual can borrow in the state of Kentucky. A Kentucky cash advance loan has a maximum of $500. Customers can visit more than one lender at a time though, even if they currently owe another lender money. The customer can borrow multiple times from the same lender at the same time, as long as the total amount remains below $500. The maximum amount of time a borrower has to pay back their money is 60 days, with the final bill due at the end of the term. This is far longer than most other states allow.

Customers in Kentucky cannot be sued for defaulting on a cash advance loan. The state requires each store to post the same message for potential customers: "No person who enters into a post-dated check or deferred deposit check transaction will be prosecuted or convicted." Kentucky state laws are meant to protect the customers and residents of the state, not the lenders.

Kentucky Unemployment Statistics

The unemployment rate in Kentucky has remained between 3.7 and 7.0 percent in the last ten years. The state of Kentucky saw a large increase between 2005 and 2006; in 2005 the unemployment rate was 6.3%, but this rose to 6.9% the following year. That indicated 137,835 people without a job in the state.

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