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Payday lending is illegal in Florida, but you need not be concerned if you need a little cash to help you out. In all 50 states in America, we have a team of leaders that are available to you in order to help you in making the financial situation you are in a little easier.

Florida Laws Pertaining To Payday Lending

Florida is one of 19 states in America that has set up laws so payday lending is not legal. The most relevant of the laws is the one that sets a limit on the total amount of interest that the lender can receive. According to this law, the lenders cannot charge in excess of 18% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for any type of loan. This limit of 18% applies to all situations that are related such as cash advances, debt collection, and credit lines. Both direct and indirect interest rates, advances, discounts, commissions, and exchanges are included in the limitations under Florida state law. Any contract created for the loaning of money involving a higher interest rate is seen to be exorbitant, which basically means that it exceeds the state's allowable interest rate.

However, there are exceptions to Florida usury laws. This specific law is not applied to any loan that is more than $500,000. The law is also not applicable to loans relating to mortgages dealing with the Veterans Administration, Federal Housing Administration insurance, or other various types of mortgage divisions, as well as any loans that were made before 1979.

The state of Florida does not have any payday lenders.

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In July 2001, the state of Florida passed a bill that sets limits on the way that cash advance companies could operate. Cash advance companies cannot lend in excess of $500 at one time. According to Florida state law, there is a restriction on how much interest rate a lender from a cash advance company can charge a customer. At only 10%, Florida's cap on interest rates is one of the lowest in the country.

A borrower can only take out one cash advance at a time. The reason for this is that the Florida bill placed restrictions on this issue. Also, under this law dealing with cash advances, the cash advance lender has the obligation to give their customer a grace period of 60 days, if it happens that the cash advance cannot be paid back in a timely manner. However, the restrictions on this scenario are if the customer completed a credit counseling class and then works out a payment schedule that works for the borrower and the cash advance company.

This bill was sponsored by Senator Lee Constantine and called CS/SB 1526 & 314. This is a bill that places restrictions on the practice of cash advances. This bill was the very first one of its kind in the state of Florida and has been successful. The reason for the bill's success is that many customers did not get caught up in paying cash advance extension fees on the cash advances they took out.

Unemployment Statistics For Florida

As of January 2006, Florida's unemployment rate was 3.1%. This figure was 1.2% lower than one year earlier in January of 2005 and has been one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state of Florida for some time. In the past decade, the unemployment rate has varied between 2.9% and 6%. In January 2006, the number of unemployed individuals in the state of Florida was 271,288.

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