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If you live in Iowa and you find that you are having money problems, Same Day Payday can help. Cash advance is one way we here at Same Day Payday can help by granting you a short-term loan. You no longer have to wait until your next payday to deal with those small problems and unexpected issues that arise such as an emergency car problem. This can sometimes be a nuisance, but not when you use our services. It is quite easy to receive these loans. All you need to do is spend a few minutes filling out the application we require and a few hours later that money will be on its way to your bank account.

Cash Advance Lending and Cash Advance Laws in Iowa

Cash advance lending is governed by certain practices and legislature in the state of Iowa and is regulated as a legal practice. Borrowers are not required to set a minimum amount of money they want to borrow, but there are maximum limits imposed on what they can borrow and this limit is set at $500. The loan also has a maximum term of thirty-one days. Cash advance loans in Iowa have an APR of 435 percent. For every $100 a person borrows, the lender can charge $16.67 in fees.

The state of Iowa had only eight cash advance lenders in 1996. Just two years later the state had sixty-four such lenders. Today Iowa has hundreds of similar lenders according to recent estimates.

Cash advances are available for a number of different situations such as paying credit card bills, meeting financial responsibilities, handling overdraft situations, and to deal with unexpected emergencies. Sometimes the unexpected and unprepared for things happen and we can help. Iowa citizens need to have fast access to cash to help with those unexpected emergencies. By using our company, you can stop worrying about those small problems. We want to help everyone in the US deal with their financial problems and offer a quick fix to solve those problems.

Need a cash advance right now and you live in Iowa? We can help. Do you live in another state, but still need money to help with an urgent financial situation? Fear not because we can still help. Same Day Payday is available in all 50 states to help everyone with those unexpected financial problems. You can get the money you need right away because we offer instant approval. You will find that our cash advance services are unmatched in the lending world and that we make our application process as easy as possible. All you need to do is visit, fill out an application online, and the money will be there before you know it. Once you get paid, you pay us. Doesn't that sound easy?

When you apply for a cash advance loan through our site, you can look forward to a hassle free and pleasant experience. We process your application as quickly as possible and release those funds even faster; most people have no idea how easy it truly is. We believe in respecting the privacy of our customers and keeping their information secure. Our cash advance company provides phenomenal customer service and we strive to make the lives of our customers less complicated.

Iowa is considered one of the stricter states in which to receive or give a cash advance loan. Companies are only allowed to place $5 in fees on every $100 they lend to a borrower, which is fairly low when compared to other states. A minimum charge of $5 is added to any loan of at least $74. If an individual borrows $50-74 the lender can charge $3.50 for the loan.

When the borrower cannot pay back the loan, the lender can add a default fee. The maximum amount for defaulting on a check is $15 according to the state laws in Iowa. When a cash advance is granted in the state of Iowa, the borrower must be informed of all their responsibilities and rights under the law. This includes explaining those rights and responsibilities in Spanish and English both when applicable. Customers should be given access to a toll-free number when the office cannot resolve any problems or questions the customer has. A representative of the company will handle any complaints and concerns from the customer. Before the customer can sign any of the paperwork they must understand the contract and be given answers to their questions.

The papers relating to the cash advance should be written in both Spanish and English and use regular everyday language that are easy to understand. The document is only legal and binding if it includes the following things:

The borrower's full name, telephone number, and current address.

A listing of any charges or fees that the borrower must pay.

The day payment is due.

A description of the obligations to pay for the borrower.

Any late fees that may incur over the life of the loan.

In addition, the loan must include the following statement in a fourteen point font: “You cannot be prosecuted in criminal court to collect this loan.”

Notices must be posted in clear viewing range and published in both English and Spanish in each office of the Iowa lending company. A graph should also be on display that shows the charges and fees that can arise, as well as the penalties and interest fees that are added to the loans. One example that many companies use is to show the fees that are charged on a $100 loan when it is repaid within 14 days.

In the state of Iowa, all cash advances are subjected to a maximum term limit of 14 days. Each customer is only allowed to borrow $500 at any one time. A borrower should also know that they are not charged interest on a loan when they agree to make partial payments. In Iowa, a minimum payment of $5 is allowed.

Iowa Unemployment Statistics

The unemployment rate in Iowa has remained between 1.9 and 5.6 percent for the last ten years. In January of 2006 the rate increased from 0.6 to 5.0. This higher number showed nearly 83,000 people in the state who were unemployed.

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