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Cash Central Loans is a cash advance provider dedicated to providing customers with excellent customer service in an online environment. Cash Central Loans has a terrific staff and with all of the professionals working for Cash Central Loans, consumers are offered support from a team with a collective twenty years of experience in the financial industry. Cash Central Loans remains a leader in today's financial lending industry because of its superlative offerings, extraordinary customer service, and simplified web application processing. Cash Central Loans is a legally established lending firm which is licensed by various states. Integrity and commitment to customers are the key ingredients in all of Cash Central Loans' service offerings.

Cash Central Loans official website is loaded with information for the first time lender, new to cash advance offerings and what they entail. Full disclosure is provided, and a number of communication methods are utilized by the company in order to address questions, concerns, queries, and feedback. Consumers can contact the company via email, telephone, in writing, or live chat options are made available to further the superlative assistance provided by the Cash Central Loans company.

Cash Central Loans has presented several thousand people with loan options which have helped such individuals make it from one paycheck to the next payday. With amazingly competitive terms and rates, more and more consumers are finding out why Cash Central Loans remains a leader in the financial solution providing industry. The turnaround rate delivered on Cash Central Loans' cash advance payday applications are remarkable, and consumers delight in the notion that available and accessible cash is just hours away from their reach.

Cash Central Loans Ratings

4 Customer Reviews
Average Rating 4.3
  • Customer Service 4 of 5
  • Cost of Loan 4.3 of 5
  • Funded in Time 4.5 of 5
  • Would Use Again 4.3 of 5

Consumers that desire a relationship with Cash Central Loans need to visit the company's website to become a member. One can apply for membership at; the membership application is simplistic and requires that the consumer take just a few moments to answer some general questions. All information conveyed to Cash Central Loans via the website is provided through secure systems. Cash Central Loans, since it is a state licensed entity, provides the consumer with an assurance of quality as well as personal information protection. No third parties are involved in any transactions and the company refuses to share the information pertaining to its members with outside companies.

When an applicant receives a fast approval from Cash Central Loans, the consumer can have all funds automatically deposited into their existing checking accounts. Loan durations differ from one consumer to the next, but the average loan duration provided by Cash Central Loans is roughly eighteen consecutive days, or until the consumer receives the next paycheck. When it comes time for repayment of a payday advance to Cash Central Loans, the loan payment is automatically debited from the borrower's account, plus any fees that were applied to the loan for processing. The latter fees can range from one state to the next and the consumer should carefully review the disclosure supplied by Cash Central Loans so that he or she possesses a full understanding of fees.

Let's face it; everyone faces a cash emergency at some time or another. Medical bills, medical needs, utility bills, rent, as well as other bills crop up, often unexpectedly. Things can become financially tight right around the holidays or if someone encounters an illness. The options afforded to consumers via Cash Central Loans' offerings give such consumers an outlet or resource to utilize in times of dire cash need. This helps the consumer to avoid paying late fees or witnessing bills accrue.

To qualify for any of Cash Central Loans service options, the consumer must meet all of the pre-established guidelines set forth by the company. Such guidelines include the fact that the applicant must have been employed for the past 90 days, must make at least 1000 dollars per month as a net income, must have a checking account in their name which is also in good standing, and any phone numbers provided to the company must be active, working numbers. In addition, Cash Central Loans only caters to citizens of the United States and does not cater to anyone under the age of 18.

Cash Central Loans makes a number of promises to every consumer. There primary promise is to offer outstanding customer services. A trained staff readily addresses issues and concerns in a timely fashion, and there is help available to all consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Loans are processed in the fastest time allotted and usually are approved and settled in less than 24 hours time. Cash Central Loans also promises that all transactions are kept completely confidential. Further, the company supplies special perks to premiere members which include discounted fees, as well as increased loan values.

What is a premiere membership? Consumers that get as many as five loans during a predefined timetable and have successfully paid them all in full as well as on time are automatically promoted to premiere membership. Special customer service support, newsletters, and even contests are provided to those that manage to get promoted to Cash Central Loans premiere membership status.

Consumers have several options in terms of communication with Cash Central Loans. Firstly, visiting the website at is a great way to open the lines of communication. There, members can get in on online chat options. Chat features are made accessible from 7 AM to 7 PM Monday through Friday Mountain Standard Time. Chat sessions on Saturday are available for those that wish to discuss collections and such sessions can be conducted from 8 AM to 12 PM. Cash Central Loans also furnishes a customer service toll free number at 1-800-460-4305. For residents of Florida looking to speak to Cash Central Loans collections, such customers are advised to call 1-800-922-7409. Residents from Texas calling about collection services can freely call 1-800-460-3756. All other consumers can utilize the general collections number at 1-800-460-4352. Electronic email communication can be conducted via electronic submission form by visiting the company's email page at: