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We all fall into crunch time when it comes to our finances. Sometimes that stretch in between paychecks just isn't short enough. If you find that you are in a pinch and need some extra cash before your next check, then you are in the right place. Here you will see how you can get a California cash advance in just a few minutes. Simply fill out the loan application, and you could have your California cash advance deposited directly into your bank account in an hour. Does it get any easier?

California Cash Advance Lending Laws

In the state of California, cash advance is legal. However, you should be aware that like many other states, California cash advance legislation is in place to protect you as the borrower from predatory lending. You will not be charged for a California cash advance more than $3 for a loan that exceeds $50, and you will not be charged more than $5 in fees for a California cash advance that exceeds $50.00. Further, lenders of California cash advances are not able to charge more than 15% interest on the cash advances they provide.

The California cash advance industry is growing steadily. In 2003, there were over 3,000 lenders of California cash advances. In fact, the cash advance industry is growing not just in California, but also throughout the entire nation.

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Since 1996, California cash advance legislation has allowed check cashers to provide cash advances. Under the provisions of this law, check cashers are able to provide a California cash advance to a customer if a post-dated check is made out for the advance. This legislation also allows the check casher to charge the customer a fee for the advantages of this service. However, anyone providing a California cash advance is not able to hold that check over 30 days before they deposit it.

This legislation further stipulates that a written agreement must be in place between the service provider of the California cash advance and their customer. This written agreement must contain all conditions for the transaction, including full disclosure on the amount of fees that are charged. In the state of California, the amount of fees on a California cash advance is capped at 15% of the cash advance amount. When the check is a government check, the service provider providing the check cashing cannot charge more than 3% of the face value of the payroll or government check as long as the customer provides valid identification. If a service provider of a California cash advance is found to be in violation of this legislation, fines may be levied to the provider in amounts up to $2,000.

Under California legislation, if the cash advance consumer has an existing cash advance agreement with the service provider that has yet to be closed, or paid in full, the service provider may not open a new California cash advance agreement with that consumer. A second or subsequent California cash advance agreement cannot be opened unless the first agreement has been closed or paid in full.

The state of California requires that identification be presented to use California cash advance services. Acceptable forms of identification can be a valid California driver's license, a state identification card, or a United States military identification card. If a resident of California wishes to open their own California cash advance service, they must first obtain a permit from the Attorney General's office to conduct business in the state.

Unemployment In California

In January 2006, California was operating with an unemployment rate of 5.3%. In numbers, that means that 936,336 California residents were not working in 2006. A year earlier, the unemployment rate in California was 6.2% in 2005. In fact, the rate of unemployment in California has not changed more than 3 points in the last ten years.

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