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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need instant access to cash funds? Many people experience unexpected events and need additional cash funds. MyCashNow is a lending service offering customers cash advances so they can get cash fast. This service can be very useful when the need for money arises and you are in between pay periods. Since so many companies pay employees every other week, people often find they need access to cash funds on that off week. This lending service can help when these situations are an issue. By lending cash immediately, My Cash Now helps millions of customers every year. A financial crisis can cause much stress to individuals. This company puts the customers concerns first and will assist in any way possible. A cash advance can be a solution to an unexpected event. Cash advances are short-term loans, generally for the length of 14 days. The loans are approved based on your income and customers receive instant access to cash after the application is submitted and approved.

MyCashNow is an online lending company. This means that all applications are submitted online. There is no need to visit a store or a bank to get cash funds. There are no credit restrictions, making these loans available to everyone. Traditional loans through a bank often take up to two weeks for approval. They also have high interest rates and longer terms. When you are in need of fast cash, a cash advance is the perfect route to take. Customers do not need to worry about not being approved based on credit. MyCashNow offers short-term loans to customers with good or bad credit. This alleviates some of the stress usually involved with getting a loan. MyCashNow strives to provide great services and support to all customers. This company continues to grow and expand, offering services to customers across the United States. The application process is fast and simple, usually only taking a few minutes. Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted by a customer service representative to discuss the details of the loan.

The requirements for a cash advance through MyCashNow are minimum and flexible. Customers must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid and active checking account. They must also have a steady source of income, amounting to at least $1000 per month. A current telephone number must be provided with the application. MyCashNow will verify your current employment before approving the loan. When the loan is approved, the cash funds will be electronically deposited into your checking account. The funds are usually available the following business day after the loan has been approved. In most cases, customers have access to these funds within one day of submitting the application.

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As an incentive, new customers will receive a 50% discount off the finance fee. This could amount to a large savings depending on the amount of the loan. MyCashNow charges a set fee based on the amount of the loan. The finance fee is usually $18 for every $100 borrowed. When new customers use this promotion, they will save half of that on their first loan. The savings do not stop here. MyCashNow has a Preferred Members Reward Program. The program rewards returning customers. It will depend on how many loans you have had with the company and whether they have all been repaid on time. Some customers can save up to 30% on future loans. There is a fee and interest rate chart available for viewing at This chart will help customers figure out exactly what amount they will need to repay when the loan is due. The due date of cash advance loans is usually 14 days after the approval. If there is a need for extending the loan, customers can contact MyCashNow and speak with customer service to work out an extension and payment plan.

Employees at MyCashNow are professionally trained and are capable of providing accurate information for all processes of the loan. If you have any questions about a loan, a representative can be contacted 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. The number is 1-866-398-CASH. Customers can also call this number if they need assistance filling out the application. MyCashNow does not operate on Sundays.

When the loan is due to be repaid, the amount of the loan plus any fees will be deducted from your checking account on the specified date. The extension program should only be used if you have no means to repay the loan. Extensions may be granted three times for each loan. If for some reason an additional extension is needed, MyCashNow will charge an additional $50 for all loans under the amount of $500. It is not advisable to extend the loan. Short-term loans are designed to aid customers in their time of need. They are not a solution for serious financial problems. Extending a loan could make the situation worse. If you have access to the funds, it is best to pay the loan off in full on the date it is due. MyCashNow accepts early payments with no penalties. The same fees will apply as if the loan was not paid early, so there are no extra savings when you pay it early.

Cash advances are a great way to obtain cash when it is needed in emergency situations. It is important to make sure to have the available funds in your account when the loan is due. Customers have found that the service offered from MyCashNow exceeds that of competitors. The customer service staff is trained to provide exceptional service and have the customers concerns a priority. As an additional incentive, MyCashNow has a referral program. When a current customer refers a new customer, they will earn $100 for the referral upon approval of the loan. There is no limit to the number of referrals.

MyCashNow takes customer privacy seriously. Your personal and financial information will never be sold or traded. It is only used for the approval of your loan. Some customers may be hesitant when applying online. If you have any concerns about safety and security, you can call customer service and file the application over the phone. Further information about loans offered, the application process and other commonly asked questions can be found at MyCashNow is a respected and reputable lending company, helping the working class in their time of need. Cash advance loans are easy to obtain, require no credit check and can make a huge difference in your life. Let MyCashOne offer assistance when you need fast access to cash funds.