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When a consumer first pays a visit to the Sonic Payday website, they may be taken aback by the site's layout. Sonic Payday requires that the consumer log in by supplying their home telephone contact information as well as their social security number. This will allow the consumer entrance into the Sonic Payday website where they can uncover all of the information they need in order to pay a payday loan advance request, view loan statuses, and conveniently review any and all submitted documentation. The log in features allow the consumer to have a completely customized and secure web experience and helps to keep the consumer's information completely private.

Consumers with high speed Internet get immediate entrance into the Sonic Payday website. Those consumers relying on dial up connections to get on the Internet can still easily get into the website, but it may take a few seconds longer to download. This is primarily due to the fact that Sonic Payday depends upon a 128-bit encryption to keep everyone's information safe and secure and the heavy duty encryption can slow download of the site a bit for dialup users.

The added level of security is just one of the many excellent services provided by Sonic Payday. All loans are processed online and consumers are empowered by their ability to view documentation and review loan status with immediacy. All eligible consumers remain in the database where information is privately stored for future use by Sonic Payday only. For faster, prompter payday advances in the future, Sonic Payday will turn to the data stored in the database. It is the consumer's responsibility to keep such information up-to-date and current.

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Some documentation will need to be faxed to Sonic Payday to prove eligibility for fast cash payday advance offers. Consumers will need to supply a proof of residence, a proof of income, proof of identity, proof of a banking account in good standing, and proof of age. The Sonic Payday company may also require additional documentation to meet all eligibility requirements. Given the latter requirements however, it appears that Sonic Payday proves incredibly flexible.

Sonic Payday supplies consumers with the ability to get payday advances when necessary. When the consumer proves loyalty and timely payments, they become eligible for more loans in the future from Sonic Payday. Information is then stored, and the stored information speed up the approval processes for consumers in the future. Once all required documentation is received, consumers can see the documents online at the Sonic Payday website. All loan requests which are approved at Sonic Payday are signed via a digital signature process; the latter technologies are relied on so that the consumer does not have to fax more documents in order to accept the loan offers presented by Sonic Payday.

Loan rates and amounts are typically based upon the amount of monies a consumer brings in on a monthly basis. The consumer's ability to promptly repay the loaned amount is also brought into consideration during the loan process. If the consumer is one that is applying for new loans from Sonic Payday and the consumer has remained a promptly paying customer, if the consumer has received income increases, the values of loans may also increase. Maximum payday advance loan offers through a company like Sonic Payday falls right around the 1500 dollar range.

To fax appropriate documentation to Sonic Payday, consumers can use the company's fax line at 1-866-766-4242. Once the appropriate documents are submitted and received by Sonic Payday the consumer will find them available online for viewing. Sonic Payday also provides a convenient method for monitoring the status of all payday loans; consumers can visit the site online to see the current status of any submitted application.

Consumers are encouraged to keep all of their information as current as possible at the site if they plan to rely on Sonic Payday's services in the future. If the consumer needs to update banking information, employment information, or personal information, they should make every effort to contact the company with immediacy. The company can be contacted at 1-866-86-SONIC. Consumers can also edit their profile on the site as well in order to keep all information current.

Superlative customer support features are part and parcel of Sonic Payday's fine financial offerings. All week long, no matter what time of day or night, consumers can work with live agents if assistance is needed. The company's website can be located at If consumers are interested, they can also feel free to call the company at 1-866-867-6642. Email contact can be made via the company's email address at [email protected].