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If you are a resident of Texas, you will have no problem obtaining a cash advance. The cash advance industry is a thriving one in the Lonestar State, as they are easier to find than a Wal Mart. However, not all Texas cash advance companies offer residents of Texas the same benefits as those offered at First, you do not need to leave your own home to fill out a cash advance application. Just click below and in no time you can fill out an application. Before you know it, you will have cash deposited directly into your bank account the very same business day.

Cash Advance Lending Laws In Texas

The laws in Texas pertaining to cash advances are very much the same as they are for other states where cash advances are permitted. However, in Texas as well as these other states in America, cash advances are regulated. The terms of a Texas cash advance can range from 7-31 days. The amount of the Texas cash advance can be from $100 up to $350. The cash advance lenders can charge borrowers an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 48% and a $10 monthly fee. Texas cash advance lenders have both fees and interest fees that you may think are high when comparing them to other types of loans, such as car, mortgage, or student loans, but they are average when comparing them to other states.

There are many Texas cash advance centers in the state. There are currently, at least, 1,675 cash advance centers operating, and many more are going into business, as the cash advance industry is a thriving one.

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In June of 2000, Texas cash advance laws came about in the Lonestar State. For a cash advance business to be in operation in the state of Texas, one is required to get a license in order to lend money. This Texas state law states that any individual or company that gives cash advances is defined as any person that trades money in exchange for a personal check of a customer. This law also applies to an exchange of funds in exchange for a person's deposit account debit authorization. The licensing laws that are set for Texas cash advance lenders is Texas Finance Code Ann. 342.

Fees when obtaining a Texas cash advance are different in the state than in other states in America. According to laws in the state of Texas lenders can charge $1 for every $5 that is loaned out, but cannot exceed that charge for cash advances that are given out that are less than $30. Cash advances that are between the amounts of $30 and $100 can have a service fee that is charged, which is 1/10th of the amount that is applied. For a cash advance that is in excess of $100, a charge of $10 is the maximum fee.

Under Texas law, handling charges are also permitted, as well as any service fees or interest fees. A handling charge in the amount of $3.50 can be added on, according to Texas state law, each month to the total amount of any cash advance that does not exceed $35. A $4 handling fee can be applied to cash advances that are between $35 and $75. A $4 fee can also be applied to any cash advance that is in excess of $100 and can be applied monthly.

Cash advance lenders are required to post a schedule of fees in their place of business in the state of Texas. The lenders also have to provide an agreement in writing, which has the lender's name, the written check amount, the date that the check was written, an itemization of the fees, the day that the check was deposited, and the amount of the check in U.S. dollars must also be included. In addition, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) should also be specified in the written agreement.

Under Texas state law, the agreement should also include the name, address, and phone number of the Consumer Credit Commissioner. Texas cash advances should be used for short-term cash purposes only, and under Texas state law, this information should be in the written agreement.

In the state of Texas, cash advance companies are restricted from dividing a cash advance into two separate loans, which is also referred to as "splitting." Sometimes, this takes place so two fees can be collected on one cash advance. A cash advance time limit is 31 days, and the minimum time limit is 7 days.

In addition, a cash advance company cannot prosecute in a criminal manner on a debt that they are trying to collect. A cash advance can only be renewed so many times in the state of Texas. The limit that cash advance lenders are allowed to renew a cash advance is one time per month.

Unemployment Statistics In Texas

The unemployment rate in Texas in January of 2006 was 5.2%, which means that 593,428 residents of the state were unemployed at the time. Just one year earlier in January of 2005, the unemployment rate in Texas was a tad higher being 5.9%. Over the last 10 years, Texas' unemployment rate has not exceeded 7.5%.

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