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There are always a lot of cash advance lending locations in Montana, given the strength of the lending industry in the state. By going to your local mini-mall, you will surely find a cash advance lender and be able to apply for a loan without much of a hitch. While this option is always available for you, why not save your gas money by filling out a cash advance application now? Navigate to our cash advance page and pick one of our cash advance products. Once your application is submitted, expect your loan in your bank account the next day. Act smartly and efficiently by picking a lending option with us.

Montana Cash Advance Lending Laws

Montana state law regarding cash advance lending is the same as other state laws. The lender can only offer cash advance loans ranging from $50 to $300. The length of the cash advance loan can reach up to thirty days. Cash advance loans have higher competitive interest rates than other loan products. In addition, Montana has higher interest rates compared to other states across the board. In Montana, the APR is pegged at 650%, which means that cash advance borrowers may pay up to 25% in interest rates on their repayments. You might be paying $25 to cover the interest rate for every $100 loaned. The lender cannot offer cash advance products that will take out more than 25% of your net income, and if you defaulted on your loan, the lender has the right to sue you in a civil lawsuit to get their loan repayment.

There are more than 104 cash advance locations in Montana as of the last count.

There are a lot of reasons why you may need a cash advance. You might be pondering a move to the state, need some cash for an important personal purchase, or use the money for an urgent need. Whatever it is, your reasons are yours, and it is not our business to ponder on that. We are just here willing to help you get the required cash possible no matter what your situation. Any U.S. citizen, and especially Montana residents, are welcome to apply for a cash advance at out website,

Although you have planned your expenses for the next few weeks, you never know what new expenses may pop up. Things such as bank overdraft fees, pending bills, or an unannounced special event, may stretch your budget to the max. For needs like these, will be able to help you immediately. Montana residents can get their loan approved quickly against their upcoming paycheck. This is a reliable system for quick cash for you.

As a cash advance company, we thrive in providing you quickly approved loans without much complication. Our company operates everywhere in the U.S., including the state of Montana. If you are a Montana resident, apply for a Montana quick cash advance and we will get your application running in no time. With just a computer access and a few minutes of your time, you can get your loan amount the next day with

Our online application process is everything that you need to get your application approved: quick, simple, and secured. As a company, we value our transactions with utmost security and sense of privacy. Once you submit your application, we will process it in the fastest time possible, and quickly notify you once we make a decision on your loan.

Requirement: Montana state law requires cash advance lending companies to acquire a license to operate. The license applicant must have at least $25,000 as a reserve for each business location, supported by a list of resources, income sources, and a statement of assets and liabilities of the company.

Loan Terms: It is important for cash advance borrowers to know that they can't take out a loan for more than 31 days in Montana. Any delay over the 31 days may be subject for civil action.

Loan Amounts: Any cash advance loan must not exceed $300. This figure excludes any applicable fees applied to the cash advance loan. The minimum loan allowed in a cash advance is $50.

Fees: One time fees can be added to the principal based on the regulation of state law and the pricing of the cash advance company. The limit for additional fees is 25% of the principal amount. A fee not exceeding $15 can also be claimed for insufficient or delayed payments. Consider these fees to your overall loan cost before submitting an application.

Prohibited Actions: Montana state law does not allow lenders to split the loans and claim two separate fees.

Loan Agreements: There are no written agreements required for cash advance loans in Montana. This policy is different compared to states that require a schedule of fees be provided by the cash advance company before the lender applies for a loan.

Montana Unemployment Statistics

Montana saw its unemployment range from 3.1% to 6.8% in the last decade. In January 2005, the unemployment rate was 5.2% before falling to 4.9% a year later (January 2006). This translates to 23,816 persons left unemployed at the time in Montana.

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