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Rapid Cash offers people a payday advance and their credit situation does not matter. Rapid Cash can give people payday advances when they are in need of quick cash whether it is for such things as an emergency or unexpected bills. People simply have to fill out a loan application over the Internet and they will know quickly if they are approved for the loan. Rapid Cash does not only offer payday advances but other services as well such as commission advances, check cashing, quick tax refunds, home mortgage loans, cell phone payments, and other bill payments. The website for Rapid Cash is

What is a Payday Advance and How it Works at Rapid Cash

A Payday advance is a type of loan that people can obtain when they are in need of quick cash. The loan is typically for a small amount, generally $200 to $500, and is usually paid back in a couple of weeks or when the person receives their next paycheck. At Rapid Cash people will be pre-approved for a loan if they meet general requirements such as they have to be employed at one job for at least 6 months, they have to have been living at one residence for 3 months, they have to have an active checking account, they cannot owe on another payday advance, have access to a fax machine, and they must be at least 18 years old. To obtain a Rapid Cash payday advance people will have to, first, fill out an application online. After the person is approved for the loan they will have to fax the company documents of their latest bank statement, most recent paycheck stubs; their driver's license or state identification, and their social security card. Once the online loan application is completed, Rapid Cash will review the application, notify the person if they are pre-approved with a request for the person to fax in their documents, and then review the documents for final approval of the loan.

Important Information about a Rapid Cash Payday Advance

No matter what a person's credit situation is they can still apply and get approved for a payday advance. The company does not use the services of any of the major credit bureaus, but they do use services like Teletrack and Telecheck, which are a couple of services that share date between payday lenders. At the company's discretion they may use Teletrack in order to view a person's check writing history. Typically if a person fills out the online loan application and gets the application submitted in a prompt manner they can, many times, receive the funds the same day.

Rapid Cash Ratings

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Rapid Cash Repayment Information

Rapid Cash makes the assertion that the fees they charge are some of the lowest available. The fees can be as low as $11 for every $100 cash advance taken out. The person's fee will be based on the amount of money that is borrowed. On the loan application form there is an APR Disclosure, which will explain the fees that will apply to the specific cash advance request. The cash advance has to be paid back on the date that they agreed to pay back the loan. Generally the date is when the person receives their next paycheck. The person can pay back the cash advance at any Rapid Cash location or the company will automatically debit their checking account on the date that the loan is due for the full amount.

Other Services Rapid Cash Offers

Rapid Cash offers a check cashing service, as they cash all types of checks. The rates they charge for this service are posted in all of their locations. Rapid Cash offers a special rate of 1.5% up to $1,000 for unemployment, Social Security, and SSI checks. All of the checks that Rapid Cash can cash are payroll, personal, government, tax refund, company, 401K plan, insurance, money orders, cashiers, and checks payable to a person's company. Rapid Cash also offers loans made available by American Home Finance. People can also pay various bills through Rapid Cash. To get more information on the services that Rapid Cash offers people can visit their website at:

Contacting Rapid Cash

Contacting Rapid Cash is very easy, as they can be reached via phone, fax, e-mail, and through the mail. The phone number for Rapid Cash is 407-294-9000 and people can call toll free at 1-800-211-CASH. The company's fax number is 407-207-8849. People that are searching for a Rapid Cash location can also visit the website and click the link Contact Us, and they can Map Quest the nearest Rapid Cash location. The customer service e-mail for Rapid Cash is [email protected].

The main address for Rapid Cash is:

Rapid Cash Advances, Inc 5657 Curry Ford Road Orlando, Fl 32822