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Rhode Island Cash Advance

Payday is days away and you need money fast. You are at a loss as to where to turn for assistance. You know you need the money to get through the next few days but do not see how you are going to find it. Luckily you can apply for a Rhode Island cash advance loan to get the money you need in less than an hour from a reliable company such as Same Day Payday. For residents of Rhode Island we have made the application process simple. In less than two minutes you can complete our online application at You never have to worry about the safety and security of your information because we promise that your information will be kept confidential. If you need that cash fast give us a try today.

Rhode Island Cash Advance Lending Laws

Borrowers in the market for a Rhode Island cash advance can borrow up to $500. The term of each loan can be no less than 13 days while there is no maximum regulation for the length of a loan. Interest rates for Rhode Island cash advances are 15% which is lower than the cash advance interest rates in many other states. This means that for every $100 borrowed the borrower is required to pay and additional $15 back to the lender. This might seem high when you consider that this translates to a 390% annual percentage rate, but since the term of the Rhode Island cash advance is generally short the interest rate is lower than many other forms of lending.

While the cash advance industry is a large industry in Rhode Island the small size of the state means that there are fewer Rhode Island cash advance lenders in the state. That does not matter though, because with Same Day Payday you can apply for your Rhode Island cash advance from the privacy of your home.

Whether you are a longtime resident of Rhode Island or someone who has just moved to the smallest state in the union you can receive a Rhode Island cash advance from Same Day Payday. We offer same day cash advances to customers living in all 50 states. You can use this money for anything you want. It might be used for utility bills, credit card payments, or even your mortgage. Instead of worrying where the money will come from you can utilize the services we provide to get you through the rough period between today and your next payday. You will not have to worry about increased interest rates on your credit cards because you can pay your bills on time and you will not have to worry about not having a place to sleep because you will be able to pay your rent on time.

Applying for a Rhode Island cash advance is a simple process that takes only a few minutes to complete. If you are approved for a Rhode Island cash advance we will lend you the money for the allotted time period. All you have to do is pay us back from your upcoming pay check. Sounds simple enough, right? Why not give us a try? If you need to make that purchase today and cannot wait until payday let us help you by providing additional cash. We guarantee your satisfaction and that your information will be kept secure. If you are approved for a Same Day Payday cash advance you can get your money the same day and avoid worrying about not being able to make your financial obligations.

Companies providing cash advance lending services in Rhode Island are allowed by law to charge customers fees based on the services rendered. Depending on the amount of the Rhode Island cash advance these fees can range between $5 to 10% of the amount borrowed. These fees must be disclosed at the time of approval of the application. Additionally Rhode Island cash advance lenders must post copies of their fees and interest rates in an area that is easily accessible to customers as well as a list of the types of identification required to complete the transaction.

Rhode Island cash advance loans have a maximum repayment term of 14 days. In the event that the amount of the transaction is less than $300 it is legal for the Rhode Island cash advance lender to defer repayment. The length of deferment depends on the individual policies of the lender. When a Rhode Island cash advance is approved the customer must be given a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the Rhode Island cash advance. This agreement must include all fees, total amount due including interest, the length of the loan term, and any additional repayment information. Rhode Island varies from other states in that customers can have up to three outstanding Rhode Island cash advance loans at any given time while in most other states customers can only have one Rhode Island cash advance loan at a time.

Rhode Island Unemployment Statistics

Over the past decade the unemployment rate in the state of Rhode Island has fluctuated between 3.7 and 7.2%. As of January 2005 the unemployment rate in Rhode Island was 5.7 and according to statistics compiled from the following January the rate of unemployment in Rhode Island had not changed. This means that in January 2006 there were roughly 34,126 residents of Rhode Island who were unemployed.

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