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Cash advance loans have gained a bad reputation due to loan companies that charge outrageous interest rates. However, a few states have strict regulations in place to protect consumers. Maryland is one of those states. You will not find any loopholes to abuse state law regarding cash advance in the state of Maryland.

Maryland Cash Advance lenders are qualified to accept cash advance loans in any state. It is especially convenient to get a cash advance loan if you reside in Maryland. In a matter of hours, your cash advance can be electronically deposited in your bank account.

Cash advance Lending Laws in Maryland

Law in the state of Maryland, Georgia, and Massachusetts prohibits cash advance loans. Nonetheless, local banks have the freedom to partner with out of state companies that offer their customers cash advance loans. This makes it convenient and advantageous to bank customers when they need to apply for a cash advance due to an emergency.

Maryland cash advance regulation prohibits lenders from charging more than 33 percent on cash advances below $6,000. Some consumers may think that an interest rate of 33 percent is high. However, if you compare it to interest rates on student loans or mortgages, you can see how it is actually not very high. Credit cards in particular can charge extremely high interest rates in addition to other fees. Due to the lack of regulation in some states, cash advance rates may be in the triple figures. There are no cash advance lenders in the state of Maryland since state law prohibits cash advance lending.

Most of us have found ourselves in situations that require fast cash. Perhaps you too have needed cash to pay your electric bill or cover the current month's mortgage or rent. We can assist you with a Maryland cash advance to get you out of a difficult situation. Difficult times require urgent measures. You do not have to wait until the following week's payday to take care of your bills or emergencies. We can help you gain peace of mind by helping you with your financial emergencies. Circumstances in which Maryland residents may need a Maryland cash advance is to avoid falling behind on their bills or to avoid late credit card charges. Some residents may use a cash advance loan to avoid damaging their credit score. In contrast, other residents may simply get a cash advance to help them get started on a personal project. Whatever your reason for applying for a Maryland cash advance, we are here to help you today and you may pay back the loan with your next paycheck.

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Law in the state of Maryland prohibits cash advance loans. The caps on small loan interest rates are the reason for this prohibition. Presently, small consumer loans have an APR rate of 33 percent.

Out-of-state cash advance companies often try to partner with banks as a means of bypassing state regulations on small loan rate caps. The result is that consumers pay more fees and higher interest rates on cash advances. The Seven Joint Resolution 7 in the state of Maryland protects consumers by prohibiting out-of-state companies from contracting with local banks.

Maryland is one of the 21 states in the United States that prohibit lending companies from making cash advance loans to their customers. In 2002, the Senate Joint Resolution 7 in the state of Maryland originated legislation to control out-of-state lender's services in an effort to increase consumer's confidence and to improve a declining economy. The resolution was approved, making it the only state resolution that protects consumers from out-of-state lenders.

The Attorney General recently filed a lawsuit against Cash-2-You Leasing for violating state regulation regarding out-of-state lending and small cap interest rates. The lawsuit states that Cash-2-You Leasing ignored Maryland's usury laws that cap APR rates at 33 percent. Cash-2-You Leasing used a cash advance to sell household items to their customers. A cash advance loan of $200 would result in the customer paying back $260. This means that the customer would be paying a $60 borrowing fee, which is equal to a 780 percent APR. Fortunately, this company's greed did not go unnoticed by the Attorney General and a lawsuit was filed against it.

At we can help you with a cash advance so you can pay your bills and keep your good credit score. You can also use the funds to pay credit card bills or simply to get started on that project that you have been putting off. Whatever your needs are, can help you.

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Cash advance loans are prohibited in the state of Maryland due to the small loan interest rate caps in the state. The current APR rate on small consumer loans is 33 percent. Some out-of-state cash advance agencies try to go around Maryland's regulations by forming an alliance with banks in the state. This allows them to charge more fees and higher interest rates. The Seven Joint Resolution 7 in the state of Maryland prevents out-of-state companies from contracting with local banks.

A total of 21 states in the United States have regulations in place to prevent lending companies from giving cash advances to their customers. The state of Maryland is one of those 21 states. In order to help a declining economy and to improve consumer's confidence, the state passed and approved Senate Joint Resolution 7 in 2002. This is the only present day resolution that provides protection to consumers from out-of-state lenders.

An example of a company that did not abide by this regulation is Cash-2-You Leasing. It chose to ignore Maryland's regulations on small cap interest rate. As a result, the Attorney General filed a lawsuit against this company for sidestepping usury laws in the state of Maryland. These laws cap the APR rates at 33 percent. A customer that took out a cash advance of $200 was expected to pay back $260. This means that the consumer was paying a $60 fee which is a 780 percent APR. The consequence of ignoring Maryland's cash advance regulations was a lawsuit by the Attorney General. Let this serve as a warning to other companies who try to take advantage of Maryland's residents in the future.

Unemployment Statistics in Maryland

Unemployment statistics have fluctuated between 3.3 percent and 5.9 percent in the past decade in the State of Maryland. For example, in January 2005, the unemployment rate was 3.5 percent. However, in 2006, it went up to 4.1 percent. This represents an increase of 0.6 percent in only one year. You may be wondering what this means for Maryland residents. What it means is that in 2006 119,562 residents were unemployed.

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