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Have you ever found yourself strapped for cash with payday days or even a week away? Have you ever needed a last minute repair on your vehicle but didn't have the cash to cover it? If you can answer yes to either of these questions look no further than to help you out of your financial bind. At we offer residents of Arizona with cash advance loans to help tide them over until payday. Rather than having to go through a lengthy application process you will only need to complete a short application. This application which takes less than two minutes to complete is processed the same day. If you are approved for the Arizona cash advance the money will be available to you in approximately one hour. It's much easier to wait an hour for a cash advance than it is to wait days for your actual paycheck.

In Arizona cash advance companies are adding more locations each year proving their popularity among the people. In September of 2005 there were approximately 610 Arizona cash advance locations throughout the state. These statistics shows that in Arizona there are more cash advance lenders than there are McDonalds and Starbucks locations combined within the state.

Lenders for Arizona cash advance loans are required to have interest rates posted in a conspicuous place for all to see. They must provide total cost in addition to the annual interest rate for loans valued at $100 and $500. Secondly the Arizona cash advance industry must provide customers with contact information where they can lodge complaints. Additional customers who need an extension on their Arizona cash advance must be given the opportunity to extend their repayment date twice. Each time the repayment date is extended the lender must provide the customer with information in both English and Spanish regarding credit counseling.

At some point in your life you will no doubt be strapped for cash and in need of a fast and easy solution to get you through until your next payday. This happens to everyone now and again, and it's important to have a backup plan. This is where we come in. If you live in Arizona or any of the other 49 states we will give you a cash advance so that you can keep your car running or your lights on. When you get your paycheck you pay us back. In a matter of only a few minutes you can complete our simple online application and have the money you need in your pocket. We don't limit the uses for your Arizona cash advance. We don't even ask why you need it! If you need to pay your utility bills, repair your vehicle, or just need the extra money for a small home improvement project we can help you. To get started with your Arizona cash advance application just visit isn't just a fly-by-night company. As with all cash advance lenders working in Arizona there are strict guidelines mandated by the government that we must adhere to. We are required to provide you, the customer, with a loan agreement that clearly stipulates the terms and repayment of your cash advance. The contract is required to show the amount being lent the customer, the trade name of the business, the date of the transaction, the amount of the Arizona cash advance, and an itemization of the fees associated with the cash advance. You must also be provided with a copy of the privacy rights for the state of Arizona as it related to cash advance loans.

Arizona cash advance lenders are limited by law as to the amount of money they are allowed to give a customer. These laws are strictly enforced by the state. The Arizona cash advance must be for more than $50. The maximum Arizona cash advance that can be awarded is $500. In the event that the customer is unable to pay back the money by the required due date, they are able to apply for an extension. This extension requires a new contract to be completed and additional fees may be incurred. Arizona cash advance fees are not permitted to go above 19%. Arizona law also stipulates that a customer can only have one cash advance at any given time. Deferring a cash advance payment if the borrower cannot pay back the initial loan in the time allotted often requires a higher interest rate, or additional back-end fees upon repayment of the loan.

In addition to the above mentioned rules and regulations anyone applying for an Arizona cash advance must be provided with information regarding credit counseling and financial education services available to them in the area. This information must be provided in both English and Spanish. The cash advance lender must also be licensed to operate as a lending company within the Arizona state limits.

The following information must be provided to customers who receive an Arizona cash advance from or any other Arizona cash advance lending company:

  • The consumer must be provided with an address where they can write to with complaints about the individual branch location of problems they may have with the company as a whole.

  • Consumers must be able to view a chart displaying the current APR or Annual Percentage Rate associated with an Arizona cash advance. This chart must be placed in a conspicuous place where customers have easy access to it.

  • In the event that the customer stops payment on a check that was written for a cash advance or closes their account before paying back the Arizona cash advance the lender has the right to sue to customer for money and damages in court.

Arizona Unemployment Statistics

There are thousands of unemployed individuals living throughout the United States and as of January 2006, approximately 144,182 lived in the state of Arizona. A slight increase over the proceeding twelve month period shows that 5 percent of the population of Arizona is unemployed.

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