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There were only two hundred U.S. cash advance locations in the early 1990s. Today, the industry has increased to over 12,000 cash advance companies in the nation. This increase of cash advance companies is partly due to the Internet.

All cash advances have certain criteria that have to be met whether you fill out a virtual or hard copy application. These include banking information, a postdated check, proof of identity, income, and home address. You need to provide a postdated check, up to fourteen days, for the total amount of the loan and fees owed to the lender of the cash advance. This is a necessary step in order to receive your loan money which will be given in the form of check or cash. If you receive a check from the lender, you can cash it immediately. A personal check from you gives the lender security, knowing they will be paid, and they will deposit it on whatever date is on the check.

It's very important that you date the check on the day that your money will be available to pay the cash advance from the lender. The lender will deposit the check into his bank account on that date. The money in your bank account needs to cover the total amount of the check. Make sure you tell the lender if you won't have the money in your bank account on the date specified on your check. That way the loan can be extended, and a new fee can be applied to the loan. If you don't tell the lender, you will be in default of the loan. This could cause you problems in the future if you should need a loan.

You need to have proof of your identity, income, and your place of residence for the cash advance lender. Make sure you have your driver's license for identification purposes. You'll also need bank statements, check stubs, and household bills. A lender may also call your employer to check all your employment information. Checking your employment information is not the same as checking your credit, so you don't need to worry if you don't have the best credit. The lender just wants to make sure you're planning to stay in the area and not move after you get the money. If you have steady employment, it will give the lender some assurance that you will pay back the loan.

You will need to give the same information to an Internet lender that you would give to a storefront lender. Internet cash advance lenders will exchange the same information that you would receive if you went to a cash advance counter. The only difference is you won't have a face-to-face interview. All the online lender needs to do is click to find the necessary information in the online databases. This is one of the most convenient and quickest ways to check your information. You can use the lender's website, e-mail, fax, or make a phone call to give them your information.

When the on-line loan industry was new, you had to fax in your printed and signed loan application form and the copies of your proof of income. This was inconvenient because most people didn't own a fax machine. There are a few on-line lenders that still do this. Most lenders make the cash advance loan application process easy and quick for the borrower. It makes the entire process faster when information can be verified automatically by your lender. It's so convenient to fill out a cash advance application from your home.