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5 Ways to Increase Approval for a Cash Advance

A cash advance is an often preferred way for a borrower to get emergency funds between paychecks. These types of loans are a fast and convenient method to pay an unexpected bill or meet a sudden expense. Unfortunately, not all cash advance applications are approved by the lender or there can be delays that make it difficult to meet an obligation in a timely manner. Fortunately, there are 5 easy things you can do to increase your approval rate.

Double Check Your Application

The biggest cause of delays in approval or even outright denials of a cash advance are mistakes made while filling out the application requesting a loan. Always include your home and work phone numbers so that the lender can contact you with the outcome or any questions they may have. You need to double check all the provided information, especially income and bank account details, before submitting your application. A simple transposition in numbers could make your income unverifiable or prevent the lender from depositing the funds.

Provide All Necessary Documentation

Another common cause of delays or denials for cash advance applicants is failing to provide all the documentation that the lender requires. Documentation will usually include a recent paycheck stub and a voided check at the very least. Valid identification is also often required to ensure that you are an American citizen and are over 18 years old. You should always double check that you have included everything that the lender requires.

Don't Make Yourself Look Desperate

Each application that you submit triggers a call for your credit report. These calls are shown on subsequent credit checks and can be taken as a warning sign by many lenders. Lenders see this as a signal that you might be in a significant financial crisis and thus are a higher risk to approve for a cash advance. The more applications you submit, the worse that your credit report will appear to lenders. Do your due diligence and choose only a select few reputable companies to submit applications to.

Show Stability

Stability is a major factor that lenders are looking for when reviewing an application for a cash advance. You should have a steady source of employment without significant gaps in your employment history. Living in one location for an extensive period will also show up on your credit report and is a good sign to lenders that you will be there to repay the cash advance. A stable income source includes whether the company you work for is stable, as well, but you should never try to hide your employer from the lender even if you do not regard them as stable.

Co-signer Could Help

If you are having difficulty in obtaining a cash advance on your own, you could offer to have a co-signer to guarantee the loan for you. If choosing this route, you need to be sure that the person you would like to co-sign for you have good credit so the cash advance will be approved. Keep in mind that this person will have to provide the same information and documentation that you have to so the lender can determine whether or not to approve the cash advance.


Cash advance loans are a popular and convenient way to get cash for emergencies such as car repairs or unexpected bills. They should not be used as a long term financial solution as the interest can approach 650% annual percentage rates with some lenders. There are many debates over the appropriateness of cash advance loans but for many people the quick cash can really save the day.

To continue to improve your chances of approval for a cash advance or any other type of loan, be sure to check your credit report periodically and close any open credit accounts that are not in use. Each of the three major credit bureaus must by law provide you with a copy of your report annually but only if you request it. Once you get your credit report, be sure to read it over carefully and take steps to fix any possible errors immediately.