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24 Hour Cash Advance

When you obtain a 24 hour cash advance, you can receive a loan that is an advance on the next paycheck you receive. You will pay a fee for a cash advance, having assurances that you will get the money in a quick manner from 24 hour cash advance lenders, generally the day after you fill out an application. Answers to some commonly asked questions about 24 hour cash advances include:

How Much Can I Receive From A 24 Hour Cash Advance?

While the amount of money that you can borrow will depend on requirements, such as your income, 24 hour cash advances generally are in the range between $100 and $1,500. In some cases, cash advance lenders will be able to provide their customers with larger monetary amounts.

How Long Will It Be Until I Receive The Money?

Their name advertises it all, as 24 hour cash advance loans will have the money in your checking account that you can access the very next day after you fill out a cash advance application.

Will I Have To Pass A Credit Check?

You will not have to pass a credit check. You simply have to meet the basic requirements in order to obtain a 24 hour cash advance.

Is There A Set Time For Paying Off A 24 Hour Cash Advance?

Considering that you receive a 24 hour cash advance as a short-term loan until you receive your next paycheck, you would usually have to repay the cash advance back in 14 days or when you are paid. However, if repaying the cash advance is a problem for you, then you can ask for more time to pay it off. In cases such as this, the borrower typically will receive either 21 or 28 days to pay off the cash advance. If the 24 hour cash advance is extended in this way, then you should be aware that the fees might increase, having a new fee for each period in which the cash advance is extended. In some cases when the cash advance is not paid off by the due date, it will be automatically extended. If you are having problems paying back the cash advance, then it may be possible to repay in installments.

Who Can Apply For 24 Hour Cash Advance?

24 hour cash advances are very similar to other types of cash advances, in the fact that anyone who can meet the basic cash advance requirements can apply for them. The requirements are such things as the applicant has to be over the age of 18, currently have a steady job making at least $1,000 each month, has an active checking account, and is a citizen of the United States. In some cases, in order to be eligible for a cash advance, you have to have been employed at least 3 or 4 months by your current employer.

How Much Interest Should I Expect To Pay For A 24 Hour Cash Advance?

The fee for a 24 hour cash advance varies between $10 and $30 for every $100 that is borrowed, having a fee payment generally expected every 14 days. A fee of $15 for every $100 borrowed works out to an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 391.07%. Besides the fee, no interest is charged on a 24 hour cash advance.

What Restrictions Apply To 24 Hour Cash Advances?

There are no lender restrictions on what you can use the money for when you receive a 24 hour cash advance. This is regarded as a personal loan, and because of this you can use the money for whatever you wish.

Do I Have The Option Of Multiple 24 Hour Cash Advances?

Obtaining multiple 24 hour cash advances is up to the lender. However, there are a number of lenders that prefer that a one 24 hour cash advance be paid off in full before they give out another one to the same person. Some cash advance lenders will increase the value of your cash advance, as this will depend on your income each month, but taking out more than one cash advance at the same time is not advised.