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Think Cash is a lending company offering short-term loans and financial services to the residents of the United States. The loans offered by this company are not like traditional loans from a bank. The application and approval process is much simpler, and there is no need for a credit check to be conducted. When an application is submitted, the customer will get an answer regarding approval within minutes of submission. This would never happen at a bank, where it takes up to two weeks to be approved for a loan. The payday loan and cash advance service at Think Cash is a great way to obtain cash funds in an emergency. Often times, there are unexpected events and financial changes in life. Think Cash can offer a solution to those financial problems by offering customers a payday loan. The loans from this company are different than payday loans from other lenders. Customers will find that the fees and interest rates are much less than other payday loans. The savings on interest is remarkable. Many lenders charge up to $30 for every $100 borrowed. At Think Cash, customers will only pay $1 per $100! This amounts to a huge savings. Customers also have the option to pay back the loan early with no penalty. This adds to savings by reducing the amount of interest being paid.

When customers are in need of cash funds, Think Cash can provide between $250 and $2500. Most lenders will only lend up to $1000. With the lower interest rate and higher amount of cash available, customers continue to return to Think Cash for their immediate financial needs. Think Cash competitors do not offer a varied pay schedule. At Think Cash, there are three different ways to repay the amount borrowed. Most customers choose to have a designated amount automatically withdrawn from their account on a specified date. Typical payday loans require the customer to pay the loan back in full upon the receipt of their next paycheck. Think Cash offers installment payments, where the amount usually does not exceed $100 per payment. This allows for flexibility and reduces a lot of the stress associated with loan repayment. As mentioned, the loan can be paid before the due date. Many lenders have a penalty for early payment, mainly because they want to make the money on interest. At Think Cash, employees have your financial situation in mind and wish to offer the easiest and friendliest service possible. There is no penalty for early payment and there are no hidden fees when the loan is approved. All short-term loans will be charged only $1 for each $100 borrowed.

Applications may be filled out online by visiting the company website at www.Think The application is short and simple, usually only taking a few minutes. After it is submitted, you will be contacted regarding approval. In most cases, approval only takes a few minutes. After approved, customers will have the cash funds available in their account the following business day. Think Cash does not require additional personal information to be faxed. It truly is a hassle free and easy process.

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  • Would Use Again 3.3 of 5

The application is submitted through a secure server, which assures that all personal information is safe and protected. Some customers may still be hesitant about entering their information online. If this is the case, you can call customer service directly at 866-420-7157 and apply over the phone. Should you have any questions before applying, it is best to speak with customer service before moving ahead with the application. They can be reached during normal business hours and will answer any questions you may have about the loan process. You can also send an email by filling out the form on the website. It can be found under the "Contact Us" menu.

Think Cash is not the actual lender of the funds approved. The money is issued by the First Bank of Delaware. Think Cash handles all accounts, applications, and approvals. The employees are there to provide you with a service in your time of need. They understand how stressful an unexpected financial crisis can be, and they wish to provide you with the best service available. To apply for a short-term loan, customers must be over the age of 18, have an active email account, have a valid checking account that is in good standing, and have a steady source of income. Think Cash has provided loans to thousands of pleased customers, many of whom return for services if needed. Once an existing loan is repaid, customers may apply for another one, but it should be noted that these loans are not intended to be used regularly. When you need fast cash funds, Think Cash is the way to go.