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Payday1 has been providing short-term loans and financial services online to customers since 2002. The company is part of ThinkCash, Inc., and has main offices located in Texas, Nevada, and Delaware. Payday1 is known as one of the friendliest companies in the industry. Their customer service is among the best. Trained professionals are willing and able to assist customers with their short-term finances. Many times, people find themselves in need of immediate cash funds in between pay periods. Payday1 offers cash advances and payday loans that can help when an unexpected event does arise. There are many reasons people need cash funds quickly. The employees at Payday1 understand these needs and will do all they can to provide the best possible service to customers. Employees work as a team and strive to deliver exceptional customer service to existing, new, and potential customers.

Currently, Payday1 provides lending services to residents in thirty-two states. Residents of these states can complete an online application to receive a payday loan. This loan is short-term, lasting up to 14 days. A payday loan helps when customers need additional cash in between their paychecks. There are many reasons for getting a payday loan. The reason does not need to be disclosed when applying. All information, personal and financial, is kept confidential and is only seen and reviewed by employees of Payday1. Since there is no credit check needed, other financial services and lenders are not involved in the loan process. The application is quick and simple, taking just a few minutes. When it is submitted, it will be reviewed and most customers receive an approval almost immediately. Once a customer is approved, the funds will be deposited in their checking account on the following business day.

To apply for a payday loan at Payday1, visit the website There, customers will find the secure application along with other useful information about the loan. Customers must meet some requirements to be eligible for a payday loan. They must have a steady source of income, a valid and active checking account, an email address for correspondence, a home telephone, and individuals must be over the age of 18. The amount of the loan will depend on your current income. Payday1 will not loan an amount that are higher than the customer can repay. Thus, it is very important to provide the correct information about your current earnings when applying. The amount may also be regulated by the state in which the loan is being applied for. Different states allow different amounts. To find out how much money you can borrow, contact customer service either via phone at 888-729-3291, or by sending an email through the website. A representative will be able to provide you with the information.

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Payment options will also vary by state. Generally, a payday loan has a set due date. This date is when you receive your next paycheck. Typically, the term of the loan is 14 days. Customers can repay the loan any time prior to the due date with no penalty. Upon the due date, the amount of the loan plus fees and interest will be automatically deducted from your checking account. It is important to make sure the funds will be available as the due date grows near. In some instances, customers find that they will be unable to repay the loan in full n the specified date. Should this be the issue, you need to contact customer support at least two business days before the loan is due. An extension may be granted, allowing the customer more time to repay the full amount. In some cases, Payday1 will offer a payment plan. This may make it easier for the customer. Instead of paying the loan back in one lump sum, several smaller payments will be made. The employees at Payday1 wish to help you with your financial needs and they will be willing to work out a plan that meets your needs and your schedule.

In rare cases, customers have been approved for a payday loan and then decide they do not need it. When this happens, customers need to cancel the loan by the close of business on the next day. Customer service representatives will provide you with options if you wish to cancel the loan. If it is cancelled within the designated time, no additional fees or interest is due. The amount is simply withdrawn from your account and the loan is closed.

Payday1 continues to provide the best support and services to its customers. Their website is loaded with useful information that can answer many questions customers have. If you are unsure about any step of the loan process, feel free to contact a Payday1 employee. They will gladly walk you through the application process and get you the cash you need.