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MyCashTime is a financial lender based in Texas. This company offers payday loans and cash advance services online. MyCashTime is known for their great customer service. Employees make the application process simple and hassle free, allowing customers to obtain cash funds quickly and easily. Payday loans have become one of the most popular means of getting cash when it is needed. These loans offered by MyCashTime are usually approved the same day the application is submitted. Customers will have access to cash funds almost instantly, making this service a great choice for those in financial need. MyCashTime is currently offering services to residents Texas only. Applying for a loan through MyCashTime is fast, secure, and simple. The online application only takes a few minutes to complete. After completion, most customers are approved quickly and can receive up to $500 in cash funds.

Payday loans are perfect for customers who do not have perfect credit. Since there is no credit check involved, all customers are approved, provided they meet the few requirements set forth by MyCashTime. These requirements are minimal and state that the applicant must be over the age of 21, have a steady source of income that reflects at least $1000 earnings per month, have an active and valid checking account, and have resided at their current residence for at least three months. After the application is submitted, customers may be required to fax or email additional documents. A customer service representative will inform you what information is needed. To send these documents by email, scan them and forward them to customer [email protected].

Payday loans can benefit customers between pay periods. When an unexpected event occurs and cash funds are not available, a payday loan can be a lifesaver. These short-term loans typically have a 14-day term. They are repaid in full upon the customer's receipt of their next paycheck. It is required that the loan be paid in full on the due date with all applicable fees and interest. Payday loans can be the answer to a financial crisis. These loans should not be used regularly and are not intended for long-term use. They are designed to provide fast access to cash during a time of need. There are no limits as to how many loans a customer may apply for through MyCashTime. As long as the previous loan has been repaid and the customer's account is in good standing, they may apply for another loan. These loans are not meant to be a solution to an ongoing financial problem.

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MyCashTime will offer loans to customers even if they have an outstanding loan with another company. Many lenders will not allow this. MyCashTime uses your current employment as collateral, and as long as you have the income source, a loan will be approved. Credit status does not matter. Even customers who have filed for bankruptcy can obtain a payday loan with MyCashTime. The company will review your banking and employment history as part of the approval process. This ensures that you will be able to repay the loan upon the due date. If for some reason you do not have the funds available when payment is due, you may contact customer support and inquire about a possible extension on the loan. Extensions must be requested at least two days before the due date. If an extension is granted, additional fees will be added to the balance that has to be repaid. MyCashTime understands that financial situations occur, and they will work with customers to make sure their needs are met. The extension option has been beneficial to many customers.

To apply for a payday loan online, visit the website Here, you will find the simple application as well as other information pertaining to payday loans. If you have any questions or concerns, customer service will gladly provide answers and assistance. You may also apply for the loan over the phone by calling 1-877-533-6500. Representatives are available during business hours to process your loan application.

MyCashTime strives to provide quality services and friendly and helpful customer service. They also take privacy seriously. All customer information is kept in strict confidence. Personal and financial information is only used for the approval process. This information is kept within the company and is not sold to any third party. Customers can apply for a payday loan with a sense of security, knowing that their information is safe, and they will receive the financial assistance they need at the time.