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Mr. Payroll is part of Cash America International, a leading lending company in the United States and around the world. This company is based in Fort Worth, Texas and offers many financial services to customers across the country. Cash America is a large company that has grown quite a bit since its establishment. The growth of this company has caused the development of small subsidiaries, including Mr. Payroll. Mr. Payroll does not service the entire country as its parent company does. It does offer services to customers residing in 21 states. Mr. Payroll has been serving customers since 1988. With over twenty years of experience, this company continues to provide exceptional services.

It seems people are more in need of financial assistance these days. Cash America International focuses on customer service and support. They are the leading company in the industry and are known internationally for their services and customer rankings. It is important to put the customer first, and this is what all employees of Cash America do. Those employed at Mr. Payroll receive the same training as other employees of Cash America International. Customer satisfaction is the main priority of this company and its subsidiaries.

Cash America International is a well-respected company that millions of customers turn to for their financial needs. Whether it is a loan, check cashing, money orders or pre-paid cards, a subsidiary of Cash America can help. These smaller companies are located across the United States: many of them popular to customers who are interested in online loans. These subsidiaries include Mr. Payroll, Cash America Pawn, Cashland, Superpawn, and Payday Advances. All of these companies offer different services. Cash America Pawn and Superpawn obviously cover the pawnshop segment of this company. There are currently over 450 stores under these names in the United States. Cash America and payday Advance are known for offering short-term loans to customers. These loans are referred to as payday loans or cash advances. Mr. Payroll stands by itself as being the only subsidiary that only cashes checks. Mr. Payroll check cashing centers can be found in many states. The services offered by these companies are above all competitor's offers. The guarantees, the rates, and the exceptional service place Cash America International companies above the rest.

Mr. Payroll Ratings

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Average Rating 4.7
  • Customer Service 4.7 of 5
  • Cost of Loan 4.5 of 5
  • Funded in Time 4.7 of 5
  • Would Use Again 4.7 of 5

Many of these mentioned companies conduct business online. Most loan applications are filled out at the company website, though customers may also apply at any store. My. Payroll conducts business in person only. This is because the only service provided is check cashing. People often ask the question of why they should use a service like this instead of their own bank. The answer is ease of use, access, and simplicity. Many times, banks close early, have certain hours during the week, and are not open on weekends. This can cause many problems for people who are looking to cash their checks. Banking institutions have never made themselves easily accessible to the working class. Most people find they have to use time during lunch or even leave work early to get to the bank. The check cashing service at Mr. Payroll can eliminate all of that. The stores are open late and cater to the schedule of working individuals. Employees understand what it is like to maintain a job, a family and take care of financial issues. That is why Mr. Payroll is one of the most successful and popular companies used for check cashing in the country. Other check cashing stores also close early and are only open on certain days. They will also charge you a larger fee for service. Mr. Payroll wants to make your experience positive and enjoyable, so you will remain a customer. Their rates are significantly lower than most competitors are and they keep late hours to serve customers the best they can.

Recent studies have been conducted by the Federal Reserve. Bulletins have been posted revealing the results, which show that almost 30% of the American working class has a need for check cashing services. This is why Mr. Payroll has become the best in the business. They provide fast, hassle free service that has customers returning each time they need a check cashed. The customer service provided is among the best. Customers will always be greeted by a friendly employee who can provide the service and answer any questions the customer may have. Employees go above and beyond to service customers in a friendly manner. This company prides itself on customer feedback. Mr. Payroll has consistently been one of the most popular check cashing services in the country for many years.

Mr. Payroll stores are easily accessible. Many of them can be found inside a local supermarket and convenience stores. The majority of Mr. Payroll stores are set up this way. This provides customers with easy access and a fast transaction. Being accessible is one of the keys to success for this company. Instead of customers having to make multiple stops to run errands, they can now cash their checks while at the supermarket, saving time and money. The kiosks that are set up in the stores are welcomed by store owners because it increases the amount of people in the stores that have accessible cash funds. Mr. Payroll benefits customers as well as large stores and companies. In some states, Mr. Payroll can also be found in oil company stores such as Texaco and BP.

Mr. Payroll is best known for check cashing services, but they also offer others. Money orders, money transfers, and bill payments are offered as well. The cost for services is extremely low in comparison to competitor's prices. Mr. Payroll stores and kiosks are either company-owned or individually owned. It is possible to buy a franchise and start your own Mr. Payroll business. Due to the need of check cashing services, there are plans for Mr. Payroll to expand past the current states it now services. In the years ahead, this company will most likely be the leading check cashing service worldwide.

The small kiosk stations that are located in stores have become a favorite for customers. Returning customers have reported that it takes less than a minute for their check to be cashed. The employees are efficient and friendly and are always eager to please the customer. Mr. Payroll uses a proprietary computer system. This system allows all transactions to be performed quickly and accurately. When it comes to customer service, Mr. Payroll is on the top of the list. Customers are always pleased with the speed of the transactions and the way they are treated by employees providing the service. As this company gains more recognition, it will expand into other states, offering the same services that have made it successful.

Cash America International oversees all subsidiaries and monitors the customer flow and the services provided. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the main office of Cash America by visiting their website at You can also find out additional information about Mr. Payroll at Mr. Payroll customer service can be contacted at 800-322-3250. If you are interested in a franchise opportunity, an email can be sent to [email protected]. Mr. Payroll is the solution to your check cashing problems. Once you become a customer, chances are you will not go anywhere else for your check cashing needs.