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Money Corner is a payday lending institution operating out of Cape Coral, Florida. This company has offices throughout Florida's western peninsula to serve a large number of people with financial problems. Money Corner's website also has links to other lending institutions including Money Mart Canada, Money Mart US and Money Shop UK to help customers throughout the world. Money Corner has developed its website as well as its chain of offices to streamline the payday lending process for busy professionals and families.

Every professional in western Florida has had financial difficulties at some point in their lives. Whether it is a sudden health problem or a series of auto repairs, Money Corner can help borrowers with small payday loans ranging from $50 to $500. This lender takes personal checks from clients, holds them for up to 14 days and provides loans in the amounts stated on these checks. Borrowers can use this money to pay rent, meet minimum obligations on credit cards and pay for necessities between paychecks.

Money Corner is able to offer payday loans to responsible borrowers due to its diligent background and employment checks. Each person walking through the doors of a Money Corner store has to bring a personal check, pay stub and state-issued ID before starting a loan application. These documents are used by Money Corner to determine the lending worthiness of an applicant.

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Money Corner has to receive all of these documents to ensure that other borrowers have access to loans that they are capable of repaying. The personal check is held by the Money Corner store as collateral for the loan while the pay stub confirms a borrower's ability to pay the loan. Money Corner stores use driving licenses, passports and other government-issued IDs to restrict lending to Florida residents who are American citizens.

Money Corner employees will investigate an applicant's employment and income to determine the appropriate loan amount. The company maintains a strict policy that every borrower has to have a working phone number, money in a checking account and employment verifiable by phone. Borrowers need to provide current phone numbers in case Money Corner has questions and information about payday loans. Every borrower needs to have a positive account balance because Money Corner offices need to know that they will receive payment once the loan term is complete. While pay stubs are helpful in proving regular income, Money Corner representatives need to call employers to confirm that this income level is accurate and current.

Money Corner's primary lending product is the Cash Til Payday Loan that is different from loans offered by competing institutions. Every borrower is given a lending term between one week and one month depending on the loan size as well as income level. Money Corner's short lending terms allow borrowers to make one payment rather than worrying about multiple payments over a matter of months. The company requires a payment of $114.99 on a $100 loan, $334.99 on a $300 loan and $554.99 on a $500 loan. The interest accrued on the typical Cash Til Payday Loan is lower than the competition due to small loan amounts and shorter repayment periods.

Many families are concerned about the reliability of payday lending institutions after hearing news stories about predatory rates. Money Corner is a member of several organizations like FISCA and the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSAA) that enforce standards among their members. The company prides itself on responsible and transparent lending that goes leaps and bounds beyond the standards of FISCA and CFSAA. As Money Corner expands its offices outside of western Florida, it will continue to maintain standards that are commensurate with the standards of these organizations.

Money Corner stores have expanded their services to help Lee County residents pay off traffic tickets without waiting in line. Money Corner offers same day processing of ticket payments to help borrowers avoid wasted time and money. This service may be expanded into the future to cover additional counties as well as other payment types to keep Money Corner borrowers away from mounting legal costs.

Borrowers interested in payday loans from Money Corner can contact the company by phone or fax today. The company has a toll free number, 1-866-CASH-TO-GO, for general inquiries and information about Money Corner Cash Til Payday loans. Interested borrowers can get more detailed explanations of payday loans by calling Money Corner at (239) 540-7400 or faxing (239) 540-9290. Every applicant can learn a bit more about Money Corner before calling or faxing by heading to