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FastBucks is a financial lending company specializing in title loan and cash advance offers. The FastBucks headquarters site is fixed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on 1506 Wyoming Blvd NE, Ste B. Easily contactable, the company can be reached at 505-299-8484. To fax information to the FastBucks headquarter office, consumers can simply use the telephone fax line at 505-297-8485. In order to contact the management at FastBucks' headquarter office, consumers can conveniently email: [email protected].

FastBucks has a number of physical branches in California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington. Looking to provide as many customers as possible with short term lending opportunities, FastBucks' services are made available at numerous physical locations as well as online. Services include a short term payday advance option with values ranging between 100 and 500 dollars, with a loan fee that falls right around 25 dollars per 100 dollars borrowed. While this may seem a bit high, if one considers the late fees, penalties and potential bounced check fees one may face without access to immediate cash options, the fee is often far less than what one may face in other financial situations.

Payday advances are an option that people can rely on when they are faced with the need for urgent cash accessibility. One may find themselves faced with a tight Christmas gift buying budget, or a pending utility bill that must be paid in a timely manner if one is to maintain the use of the services in question. Another consumer may have a dire need for cash to purchase food or necessary medications. Still another consumer may decide that they need additional funds to completely pay for a special event that is upcoming or pending. Whatever the case may be, it is possible to get access to cash with near immediacy through FastBucks.

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In order for FastBucks to deem one eligible for online offerings, the consumer must have a standing income of a minimum of 1200 dollars. Proof of the latter income will be requested at the time that the consumer applies for a loan. The income that one generates on a monthly basis must be at a place where the applicant has maintained employment for a minimum of 90 days. Consumers must also have a checking account which is active and in good standing. Some documentation will have to be faxed to the FastBucks company to prove residence, identity, and income so the consumer should have access to a fax machine when they apply. FastBucks also requires that a consumer has their pay directly deposited into their active checking account in order to qualify for FastBucks offerings and services. All applicants interested in title loans and cash advances must be 18 years old because FastBucks does not cater to minors. If a consumer has any prior cash advances that are not paid in full, they will be deemed ineligible for the offers furnished by the FastBucks company until the loans have been paid.

So how does an interested consumer apply for FastBucks offers? Begin by visiting the company website at An online application process sets the loan application process into action. Once approved, the consumer will need to submit a bank account statement, a current pay stub indicating income, a photocopy of one's social security card, a voided check, a current telephone bill, and the loan agreement via fax to the FastBucks company. If the consumer is prompt with his or her application and provides everything to the company by 2 PM Central Standard Time, the consumer will see the approved funds in his or her account by the next business day.

FastBucks has a super fast approval process because it avoids the task of checking a consumer's credit. By avoiding the normal credit checking process which is conducted by contacting all of the major creditor bureaus like Equifax and Transunion, FastBucks can offer far faster approval rates. This does not mean that there is no prescreening of consumers however. FastBucks does heavily rely on TeleCheck to determine what the consumer is eligible for and if the consumer has made good on all previous payday advances from other companies. This will also reveal to FastBucks the consumers check writing practices.

All fees applied to the cash advances supplied by FastBucks are primarily based on loan length and duration. The longer the loan duration, the more fees that will apply when it comes time for repayment to be made. It therefore serves the consumer best if he or she repays the loan in the fastest time allotted to avoid extensive lending fees. Repayment can be automatically deducted from the consumer's checking account so the consumer does not have to worry about remembering loan due dates. Extensions are made available to consumers that might require extra time to repay the loan.

For first time borrowers applying online, FastBucks supplies a 200 dollar limit on the value of a cash advance. If the consumer establishes a solid relationship with FastBucks and pays back cash advances timely, then future amounts may be higher. Consumers have the option of calling FastBucks via telephone and applying for a loan that way as well. The call in number is 1-877-329-1604. Alternatively, consumers can also elect to visit one of the numerous physical branches in the states where FastBucks establishments exist.

FastBucks is a fair lender and seeks to educate the consumer about wise borrowing practices. FastBucks asserts that cash advance options are only short term solutions and should not be something that the consumer depends on all the time. Debt counseling is recommended for those consumers that find themselves in the process of cycling in a vicious circle of debt. Again, one should consider the purposes for a payday advance before applying. If the loan is for something frivolous, it is recommended that the consumer refrains from applying. If however, the cash need is a legitimate emergency or there is an urgent need for accessible cash, then FastBucks services are a feasible and fine option.