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EZMoney Check Cashing

For almost two decades EZMoney Check Cashing ( has served the people of Montana with a wide variety of financial services. Founded in 1991 EZMoney Check Cashing was the first company in Montana to offer its customers the convenience of delayed deposit loans, sometimes known as cash advances or payday loans. The company has also been active in defining the rights and duties of both the lender and the borrower involved in delayed deposit transactions. EZMoney Check Cashing works hard to serve its customers and earn their respect. They understand that people who may have little access to traditional banking sources need and deserve access to short term funds. In addition to delayed deposit loans, EZMoney Check Cashing offers many other services including electronic tax filing and utility bill payments.

Simply visit any EZMoney Check Cashing location at, to apply for a cash advance. To qualify for a payday loan you must bring the following documentation: a current paycheck with a date on it; a current bank account statement; a bank account statement that is at least six months old, and a current telephone or cell phone bill. Depending upon your income and circumstances, you may borrow up to $300. The loan will be due on a mutually acceptable date up to 31 days after the day you receive your money. You, the customer, will give EZMoney Check Cashing a check from your account which will be cashed on the date the loan is due. You will be charged a reasonable fee for this service. The fee will be based upon the amount borrowed and the length of the loan.

Delayed deposit loans are a great tool for consumers to use as a short term funding option. A paycheck loan can keep you from being hit with late fees or having the interest rates raised on any credit cards you may have. Cash advances also mean you do not have to write a check that you may not be able to cover. Bounced checks do not just cost you money in overdraft fees. They can damage your credit and even cause your bank account to be closed. Still, EZMoney Check Cashing emphasizes that delayed deposit loans are not meant to be a permanent or ongoing solution to money problems. Paycheck loans are best when used for short term emergency cash. Medical emergencies, unexpected vehicle repairs or a sudden household problem may all require a delayed deposit loan. Once you have established an account with EZMoney Check Cashing you will be able to call upon them again should the need arise.

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EZMoney Check Cashing is much more than just a delayed deposit lender. Each location also cashes checks. The charge to cash personal checks is 10% of the face value of the check. The charge to cash checks other than personal checks is 3% of the check's face value. EZMoney Check Cashing will cash a number of checks which other companies may not accept including two party checks and student loan checks. The locations may even be able to work with people who do not have identification to get their checks cashed. Money orders are issued free of charge to people who cash checks at an EZMoney location.

EZMoney Check Cashing stores also provide notary services and electronic tax filing. People who qualify for a Refund Anticipation Loan may receive their money in as little as 48 hours. All locations also have prepaid telephone cards available in several denominations. EZMoney Check Cashing locations also send and receive funds from around the world via Western Union. In addition, the stores process electronic bill payments for Qwest, Northwestern Energy, AT&T Wireless, AT&T Long Distance, and MCI Long Distance & The Neighborhood. Simply bring in your payment stub showing your account number and the appropriate cash or a check. A nominal fee may apply. Send or receive faxes at an EZMoney store for only $1.00 per page.

You can count on EZMoney Check Cashing for quick, friendly service in answer to many of your cash needs. Do not make two or three stops to get a check cashed, buy money orders, and pay bills. Stop into an EZMoney Check Cashing store and get all of your business taken care of at one location. For years this locally owned and operated company has served Montana with convenient services at reasonable prices. Stop by any EZMoney location for more information ( or give them a call to see how they can help you with your money needs.