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Dollar Financial Group is a publicly traded financial institution based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. This international company has expanded from a single store open in 1979 to a network of 1,452 stores in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Dollar Financial Group is traded under the abbreviation DLLR on NASDAQ.

The Dollar Financial network of stores and franchises is notable due to its geographical expanse. Borrowers in 32 states and the District of Columbia can find Dollar Financial stores in their communities if they need quick money. The American network is the second largest among lending institutions in the United States, providing unprecedented service to thousands of customers. Whether you live on the West Coast or New England, Dollar Financial has a shop available for your financial needs.

Customers in Canada, Great Britain, and Ireland can also access Dollar Financial services through one of its affiliates. The Dollar Financial network in Canada and Great Britain is considered the largest among lenders in those countries. Dollar Financial stores are run under various names including Insta-Cheques, Loan Mart, Money Corner, The Money Shop, Money Mart, and The Check Cashing Store. These names reflect the different needs of borrowers worldwide as well as the various franchise opportunities available through Dollar Financial. This lending group offers 93 locations under the We the People brand name along with 237 franchises under the aforementioned names owned by franchisees.

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Dollar Financial's services can be broken down into two categories: short-term financial services and personal conveniences. The former set of services has been available to Dollar Financial borrowers for the last 29 years. Dollar Financial stores offer check cashing for professionals who do not have access to checking accounts. The company also works with Western Union to send money orders to help customers pay bills, wire money to family members and shift funds in case of an emergency. Dollar Financial stores help with money transfers across the United States and the world to ease financial strain on borrowers.

While other lenders offer similar services, Dollar Financial stores can help borrowers complete their list of errands beyond money orders and check cashing. World travelers can use currency exchange services through Dollar Financial stores to turn their dollars into pounds, euros, and yen. Dollar Financial also helps customers pay their electric, gas, water and other utility bills in a timely matter. As the dreaded deadline for federal income returns comes up, Dollar Financial helps its borrowers with electronic filing of tax returns that make April 15th seem easier each year. Each store also offers customers MasterCard and Visa prepaid cards that can be used to pay bills without resorting to costly credit cards. Dollar Financial stores and franchises can file legal documents at local offices to help busy professionals avoid long lines.

Dollar Financial Group has used its international success as a publicly traded lender to help out charities throughout the world. Dollar Financial has contributed more than $1.3 million to charities in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to give back to communities of all sizes. The lender has worked with organizations like Operation Santa and the Children's Crisis Treatment Center in the United States to make its donations go farther. Dollar Financial has extended its generous donations to Canadian charities like the Red Cross and the Easter Seals to help people from Vancouver to Halifax. The primary recipient of Dollar Financial's philanthropic efforts in the United Kingdom is Child Line.

The strength of Dollar Financial Group's services is the funding provided by its investors. Dollar Financial has not paid dividends yet on its stock with the hope of offering stable products to a wider group of borrowers each year. The company has been traded on NASDAQ since January 28, 2005 and has remained a strong choice among investors looking for stocks in the financial market. Dollar Financial was trading for $12.07 per share as of October 10, 2008 that shows its relative strength as the stock market continues to tumble. In order to ease the minds of skittish investors, Dollar Financial uses the accounting firm of Ernst and Young to make sure every loan is accounted for. Visitors to the Dollar Financial Group website can inquire about investment opportunities by emailing [email protected].

Dollar Financial Group's American offices can be located at The Berwyn, PA office can be contacted by phone at (610) 296-3900 for information about investment opportunities, loans, and stores. Dollar Financial can also accept faxed inquiries at (610) 296-7844 for professionals too busy to pick up the phone. The company's customer service representatives will also respond to emails at [email protected] by potential borrowers and investors.