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Cash Land Financial Services offers payday loans, and it is a check cashing service-oriented company, with other financial services, as well. Cash Land has been in operation a little more than 10 years and has offices in four states. Cash Land has its main offices in Dayton, Ohio and over 200 other offices in Kentucky, Michigan, and Indiana. Over the years, Cash Land has helped thousands of customers each week find the financial services that they need.

Cash Land not only cashes checks for its customers, but Cash Land offers payday cash advance loans, as well. They are able to offer Western Union wire transfer services for their customers. Cash Land is a recognized Western Union agent and can sell money orders for up to $500 and wire transfers. You can call them for more information and to get an exact fee quote for these services.

The payday loans that Cash Land offers are for people who just need an extra bit of cash to get them through till their next payday. Sometimes, an unexpected expense can come up, and a payday cash advance can be just the thing you need so you can take care of business.

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Cash Land has to meet individual state regulations, so the lending limit and requirements may be a little different in each state. You can go online to apply for a cash advance loan at When you apply online for a payday cash advance loan at Cash Land, they will send your information to the store nearest you to process it. Sometimes, Cash Land will have to call you to verify your information before your loan is ready. Once your loan is ready, they will let you know, and then you can pick your cash up at the store nearest you, or you can have it deposited into your bank account. The fees that apply to payday cash advances can be determined by going to the Cash Land website and applying, or by calling the toll-free number at 1-877-690-CASH (2274).

If you do not have a bank account and just want to cash a personal check, a paycheck, insurance check, IRS refund, or other government check, Cash Land is the place to go to get it done. Cash Land can verify the validity of the check, and you will just need to have a valid ID with you. Cash Land check cashing fees will depend on the type of check you want to cash and the amount of the check. You can call a Cash Land store near you, or bring the check in to find out what the exact fee will be.

Another amazing service that Cash Land offers is affordable automobile insurance at their Ohio and Indiana locations. They offer insurance through The General Insurance Company and have low down payments to get you started. You can get immediate auto insurance coverage with low monthly payments. They offer auto insurance for good to high risk drivers and can save customers up to $80 a month in insurance premiums. You can call Cash Land in Ohio for a free quote at their toll free number, 877-831-2700. For an Indiana free quote, call 877-871-9600.

Residents in Michigan can get a Mio prepaid MasterCard with no credit check, and it can be used anywhere a Debit MasterCard can be used. The neat thing about this is you can have your paycheck directly deposited into it, so you can use the card for your needs. No worries about writing checks. You can use the card for buying things online, and you won't be putting your bank account in jeopardy of ID fraud.

Illinois, Kentucky, and Indiana residents can get the Net Spend prepaid All-Access Visa/Debit card at the Cash Land stores in their states. This card is used everywhere other visa cards are used. There is no credit check to get the Net Spend card, and you can get direct deposits on this card too. Net Spend has a savings program with it that can earn you 3% interest. These cards are much safer to carry with you than cash, and you will get free personal customer service.

As if all these services were not enough, Cash Land even offers IRS tax filing services. You can file your taxes and get an instant refund up to $1500. This can be all done in minutes at Cash Land. With all these financial services that Cash Land offers, all your financial needs are covered. Call them at 877-690-CASH (2274) for more information.