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Cash Till Payday

If you need some extra money quickly, there's an easy way to get it. With a Cash Till Payday loan you can receive a cash advance or payday loan for short term financial needs. Cash Till Payday is an online payday loan product which provides millions of American consumers with quick cash till they get their next pay check. It is provided by Dollar Financial Group, Inc. which is the largest provider of alternative retail financial services worldwide. The loan services are through stores called Money Mart and Loan Mart. There are 350 locations across the United States. These stores are open late for your convenience.

This type of loan is not for long term credit needs. There's no limit on how many loans you can receive. Some states have different limitations on how long you need to wait in between payday loans. Different states also have different limitations on the amount of times you can refinance a payday loan. Some states don't allow you to refinance payday loans. You can't have more than one Cash Till Payday loan at one time. This is because of state, regulations and lending guidelines. It is recommended to carefully go over all the costs and benefits before you borrow money. You don't want to get yourself in debt.

The company has certain requirements that have to be followed in order to be eligible for a Cash Till Payday Loan. These requirements include a valid checking account, valid e-mail account, direct deposit of payroll, prove of regular income, a cell phone number that's active and valid government issued ID. You also need to be 18 years of age or older and reside in a state where the product is offered.

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The process is simple to apply for a Cash Till Check payday loan from this company. First, you have to set up a user name and password. Then you need to complete the online application and make sure all the information is correct. Review and accept the online disclosures and the terms and conditions of the loan agreement. This is very important because it's a contract between you and the lender. You need to put your electronic signature. Your electronic signature is also important because you won't get a loan without it. New customers need to fax, scan and e-mail supporting documentations. This includes your most recent pay stub, bank statement, voided check and a copy of valid government issued identification. After the company receives the documents they will review them if they're applicable.

When the necessary papers and your loan application is submitted and reviewed you will receive a decision. If they approve it, your funds will be electronically deposited into your account on the next banking day. When your payment is due the company will electronically withdraw it from your account. The amount of cash you can borrow depends on which state you live in, the amount of your income and other criteria. You can borrow anywhere between $20.00 and $10000.00. If there are any extra fees, they will be stated in the loan agreement. The company reviews your information form some credit reports but will still help you get a loan even if you have poor credit. They help their customers with poor credit to get short term credit.

With the user name and password that you set up, you can track the status of your loan. You can also perform basic account maintenance, review your loan and check the scheduled payment due date. E-mails will also be sent to you that will keep you updated on the status of your loan. This company even gives you the convenience of printing out copies of your loan documents if you need them. You can do this by using your e-mail address to log onto or contact customer service.

Loan Mart, USA, wants you to be pleased with your Cash Till Payday loan. If you have any problems or question you can call the company's toll free telephone number at 1-866-354-2274; you can talk about your concerns to a trained customer service representative. If they can't help you, you can ask to speak to a supervisor. The company guarantees your right to talk to a supervisor who will take all the facts so the problem can be resolved. If you're still not satisfied then you can talk to management. They will also go over all the facts and try to help you. If you still need help you can e-mail them about your problem to [email protected].