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Cash For Checks is a payday loan online service, owned by a California Corporation called Faas Enterprises. This company offers a convenient and quick way for people to get cash no matter what they need it for. Besides taking a cash advance, you can cash a check, wire transfer funds, or buy a money order. They have a friendly staff that is dedicated to satisfaction for all their customers. This company also maintains the safety, privacy, security, and confidentiality of their customers. All records are kept confidential unless required by law, so you don't have to worry about your personal information being given to anyone.

Cash For Checks has certain requirements for eligibility of a cash advance. These requirements include regular employment with a specific or regularly scheduled payday. Your paycheck needs to be from a salaried job and not commission. If you're retired, you can use your monthly benefits for verification purposes instead of pay stubs. If you're employed, you need to have worked there for a minimum of 3 months. Cash For Checks doesn't provide any cash advance to people who are self employed or work as an independent contractors. Other requirements are direct deposit, a checking account for 3 months, working home phone number, and good standing with your bank.

Customers can get up to $300 at Cash For Checks, which includes a small fee. The fee is 15 percent of the advance amount. The usual fee that California law has set up for payday lenders won't be charged. Since this company doesn't perform credit checks, the amount of your advance is according to things such as your net income, length of employment, how long you lived at your residence, and verification of all the information you submitted. Paperwork, transaction, and application fees or any other fees won't be charged. There is one situation where the company may have to charge a fee. The only time this may happen is if your bank won't accept your advance repayment. The company has to charge a $15 fee to cover the charges for non-sufficient funds.

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An agreement is set up for you to pay the whole amount of your advance automatically and electronically from your bank account. This agreement states the time of your next payroll date, so the company knows when to deduct the amount you owe. They use a method called "ACH" or Automatic Clearing House. This method moves your funds in and out of your account. The banks use this same method.

If you prefer, your entire transaction may be done on line. As soon as the on-line transaction is completed, you'll usually have money in your account within 24 hours. You also have the choice of visiting one of the Cash For Checks locations. There's a list of them on their company website. If you decide to visit one of their stores to apply for an advance, you may get the cash you need even sooner. If you have all the required documents with you, then in only 30 minutes you could leave with funds. This company also gives you the option of printing out the application on their website and faxing it with your required documents. Your application will be processed as soon as it's approved. The funds may be available for you as soon as you can arrive at their closest location.

Cash For Checks helps you through short-term finance needs when sudden expenses come up. The benefits of using a payday advance are no revolving debt, no bounced checks, and no late payment charges and bad credit. Your funds will be deposited into your account by the next business day if your application is received before 3:30 PM on Monday through Thursday. Applications received after this time won't be deposited until 2 business days later. Any application received after 3:30 PM on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be treated in the same way as if they were received on a Monday.

Even if you're qualified, the amount of your advance can be no more then $300 since Cash For Checks is governed by the State of California. You can never have any more then this amount outstanding at any one time. Also, because of State of California laws, advances can't be extended. A new agreement and authorization can be issued for a new payroll advance as soon as your present advance is paid in full. If something comes up that you are having a problem and can't pay your advance, the company will work with you so your credit stays good. They recommend that you contact them immediately, so they can help you and let you know what you can do. For more information about Cash For Checks, go to their website at