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At the 745-CASH company, one will find an entire staff of affable, experienced, skilled people who are really willing to put the extra effort forth in order to get applicants approved for financial solutions. At 745-CASH, consumers are not just considered another number, but are looked at as real people in real need of cash. Every situation that a consumer faces is looked at by the staff at 745-CASH and such situations are taken into account when a consumer applies for 745-CASH's financial remedies. The bottom line of the latter argument is that 745-CASH does not deny customers any of the financial solution offerings it provides based on poor or bad credit scores. As an emergency fund provider, 745-CASH puts the needs of the customer first.

In an effort to provide consumers with fast cash access in a time of need, 745-CASH strives to deliver superlative services. Loan processes have been simplified so that the consumer can instantly apply for a loan and get approval in a rapid time frame. 745-CASH is literally synonymous with the word fast as it does not go through the lengthy process of checking one's credit before offering the individual a payday advance loan. What's more, for consumers looking to either establish or reestablish credit, 745-CASH offers such an option; approved borrowers that have repaid their payday cash advance in a timely manner are eligible to receive excellent references from 745-CASH.

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  • Would Use Again 3.8 of 5

If consumers elect to visit any of the physical locations of the 745-CASH store, they can do so during hours of operation between 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday. Consumers can apply online for a payday advance from 745-CASH if they have a fax machine so that they can send documentation to the company. Loan values for a payday advance range from 50 to 200 dollars, but the 745-CASH company also supplies consumers with a title loan option if they require loans valuing 100 to 2500 dollars in value. In order to be deemed eligible for a title loan from 745-CASH, the consumer must have the title of the car or truck, and they must provide 745-CASH with that title, in addition to a set of keys, as well as proof of a bank account, proof of residence, and a paystub. While the consumer maintains full use of the car or truck, the 745-CASH company maintains the title and keys for the period of the loan. When the loan is repaid, the items are returned to the consumer. 745-CASH has a renewable 30 day title loan that suits many consumers immediate cash needs.

When finally approved for loan offerings from 745-CASH, which can happen in as little as twenty minutes time provided that the consumer applies prepared with all of the appropriate documentation, the consumer will need to visit the 745-CASH branch to collect the loaned amount if that consumer applied online. If visiting a physical branch and applying the consumer can easily walk out with the cash that he or she needs, even if they have filed bankruptcy in the past!

Consumers interested in applying for 745-CASH's offers can download an application online to begin the process. The company's website is located at, and there, the consumer can find information about every store location. The company has based all of its store telephone numbers based on the same calling number of 745-CASH. Each store under the 745-CASH umbrella company has a separate extension which accompanies the 745-CASH call in number. All email addresses to 745-CASH's stores are based on the street name where the physical location is established. Thus, 745-CASH's first store at 1538 Getwell can be emailed at: [email protected].